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Drummer wanted for Wiki Band Album project

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Hello Wikilonians,

GemmyF (guitars, vocals, humming noises), eGil (Bass), Arkrockstudio (Keys) and me (guitar, coffeemachine) have started up a project to create 10-14 songs here on Wikiloops for a Wikiloops album. The music is in the direction of prog rock, 70ies rock, but who knows where it ends up. Maybe we will try to have a concept album, but that may be too much to ask. But we will try :D

So we are looking for a drummer that would be interested in having some fun with us. We won't be pressing for quick work, but we want to work on one or two songs at a time only.

Anyway, if you are interested and want some more info then PM me.

Cheers :W
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Good post my friend. I have acoustic drums, just no good mics and am missing drum parts. Hopefully in the near future.:)
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