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Can anyone help me please?

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backing track No. 20469

I would appreciate it if anyone has the know how to alter this track...it's quiet at the beginning and then suddenly jumps loud?

Thankyou in advance
~ Stella :)
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Hey Stella, I think it was intentionally done that way - but let's say you want to increase the volume of a track you got some possibilities. For instance, you could copy the part that you want to have louder and double or triple up on it, that will increase the volume. Or you could use a "Maximiser" tool to increase the volume. I don't know what software you use, they all have a similar tool but if you will put something like "increase volume of track in Cubase/XXX/YYYY" and google it you will find quite easily the correct tool for your software. It is a very common question, we all asked that :)
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Thankyou TeeGee. I tried to amplify the quiet beginning before, but i couldnt get it to sound level 😊
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Sometimes, can help a "Limiter"! Sounds crazy but it works ;)
RockinΒ΄ in a free world !
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Franber has helped me. Thankyou :)
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In Audacity the "Evelope" tool works..Highlight the track..open the envelope tool
and go for it. You can also use the Amplify tool as well or both
of the above to make it work for you :)
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Thankyou for that info. I'll remember that one! :)
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Hi Stella,
in case you still are not happy with the result: I agree with Fishinissmo. Audacity is a free Audio editor with tons of options and you can make the whole track or a highlighted section louder with ease. It even has a slider and a prelistening function, so you can hear right away what you are going to do.
Best regards.
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Thankyou Rainer. I have 3 different editors. I must suss them out properly. 😊😊😊
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