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Can we have a 'block button'?

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I thought it would be handy if we could have a 'block button'
I, personally, have felt victimized by one member, who then went on to message me and message me...and message me, which annoyed me all the more!
Now, I can hold my own like anyone, and didnt feel the need to report it to the moderators.
Maybe a block button would be helpful in such situations?
Then everyone is happy. Just a thought, it may not work with all the tracks being interlinked through the tree though? :|
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Hey Stella,
sorry to hear you have been "bombed" with messages by someone... and yes, the option to be able to simply block some folks from being able to message you has crossed my mind a few times before.
I'm not all sure if I got your second thought about the interlinkedness tbh, but thinking about it, I guess it comes down to either:
- offering to block personal messaging only (that would be quite simple to include)
- offering to block any interaction, including messaging, getting notified of comments, likes and remixes by the blocked person, which again would be a bit trickier to code.
Seriously, if somene would abuse the comment section to get on your nerves in an inapropriate way, you should not hesitate to report that - I'd think a block on messaging might do the job because that area is completely unmoderated.
Opinions are welcome, and thanks for addressing this!
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Sorry to read you've been annoyed by such a behaviour ... i think the Block this user's private messages might be a good option to have yes !

In any case reporting to a moderator should not feel uneasy : it is helping the community in the end ! ;)
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I think a PM block option would be a good thing to have, as the PM box is an area which is hidden. If someone if funny in the chatbox or in the track comments, the moderators see it, but PM's are hidden. So thumbs up from me for that.

Out of interest Stella, whoever message "bombed" you, did you ask him/her nicely to stop it and that person simply refused and continued??

Please never hesitate to contact the mods for matters like that - these are the things that are really important - as Oliv said, we want to help to keep this a nice and pleasant place for all. Sometimes a quick quiet word from a moderator is enough to stop something unpleasant from developing in the first place :)

In any case, I think it is cool that you wrote about it here!
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