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Colour coding and hummingbirds

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Hey Loopers!

Just want to shout out a big thanks for all artists who colour code their tracks. It saves me so much time. I have passed on some good tracks cause it was hard to discern where the choruses and verses were...especially in a 5 minute long track, it can take a long time to work it out. So you see.. like a hummingbird is attracted to red flowers, when I see a colour coded track, I am drawn in.
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i have heard some say it's useless unless markers can be transfered to a DAW once downloaded ... i strongly disagree with this point of view ! i think markers and colors are an additional tool to understand how a track is working ! and the fact it's graphic is an excellent asset for the loops because it's so easy to sit back and listen to the track and watch the structure unfold right in front of you ... effortlessly :D (needless to mention it's also useful when jamming along just listening ! the changes are so much easier to anticipate ;) )
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hey oli.... never meant to diss' the colour bars..... just meant I'm not clever enough to use them:)
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i know buddy !! i was being just a touch mischevious to make a point ;) the colours are indeed tied to markers ... just define the different parts (verse, chorus, bridge or whatever you like to name them : tuna sandwich, garlic bread, tea-time ...), define a colour for each one of these, eventually (i strongly recommand that) define chords played in each part, and finally add markers and stretch the parts so they fit what you played and voila ! you get an easy to follow wonderful looking jam plus a chordsheet generated all at once !! ;)
clusters Clusters CLUSTERS !!!!!!
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