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I never intodruced myseld, I´m sorry

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My name is Gernot and I´m living in the northpart of Germany in the city of Hamburg. 1980 when I was 16 years old, I heard the "American Folk Blues Festival" in the radio. This was the reason for me, to buy my first bluesharp from Hohner and startet to play. I wanted to play some licks from Little Walter (The middlepart of "the key to the highway" was my favorite one). Some years I played a little bit harp, but not very much. Then came the job, the women, the family and other things. Sometimes I played a kids song for my children not more. Now my sons don´t want to hear kid songs anymore, they are 13 and 18 years old:D 15 years ago I began to play a bit blues on the piano and in 2010 I startet again to play harp because a friend of mine wanted to play blues with me.
I´m very glad, that I found Wikiloops!! Here I can play with other musicians around the world. It´s a big motivation for me.

Thank you![img]http://mw2.google.com/mw-panoramio/photos/medium/40499255.jpg[/img]

This is in the south of Hamburg near our home


The landscape behind our house


The next small town (it´s called Buxtehude, ...really!)
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hey, cool pics man :) looks a bit too colourful to be true man :D
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nice pics! and very nice story, and nice harp playing !
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Hey Dick, sometimes audacity and photoshop a very similar ;)

...and this shot I´ve forgotten! It´s me and my younger son, 2 years ago on a peaceful island in Thailand (Koh Phangan)

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