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How to find good lounge on loops?

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I'm new here, and until now I found a lot of good tracks.
Now i'm looking for jams near to Bonobo, Thievery Corporation. Also good dub would be nice to play from time to time...

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot for feedback...
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Hey Pierre,
There are quite a bunch of loungy tunes around, but you are correct that they are not as easy to spot.
I'd strongly suggest you dig a little deeper on some artist profiles, sometimes it is easier to find stuff in a certain genre by following up artists who are favoring that genre. From the top of my head (and really absolutely no offense meant to the folks I'm about to forget), I'd suggest you may check out users:
TomasFoe & 1trumpet (both have some really awesome loungy trumpet tracks going)
and last but not least I always like to point at MrAdamOnDrums profile, who did some really far out drums & electro mashup tracks...

start digging, you'll find awesome stuff :)
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So eclectic... so groovie.... this is what tigers like the most ....
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I've done a couple Dub tunes, like https://www.wikiloops.com/backingtrack-jam-17662.php or https://www.wikiloops.com/backingtrack-jam-13370.php. Just take the track before my remix if you want to play bass. The reggae/dub tracks are often files under "Pop" label
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Thats what I was thinking about... thanks

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A reason I've wanted a couple of added categories i.e. Neosoul/downtempo/trip hop.
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I found exactly what I looked for :W
Great job woXey!


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Interesting, post - see my post today on "Genre types on wikiloops"
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Maybe it's not a lounge one but up to me, this track from Paul is just amazing eclectic mix of ethnic taste right from India and very energetic and groovy beat made with His magic hands and sticks.

I tried to keep with my bass that amazing atmosphere.

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