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Play along tracks...

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I'll preface this with graciousness! Thanks for stopping by to possibly help me out!

The short-Short story:
>>>Anyone found a way to salvage tracks from the website "JAMMIT"?
>>>I'm looking for guitarists to track a few songs as play
along scores... Specifically: Baroness, Periphery, Metallica, Dream Theater...

The long Story. [And mild laziness on my part there's no forum search function. Or I couldn't find it ;-( ]

There used to be a website called "JAMMIT". I'm sure it's been spoken about on a wikiloops.

If you haven't heard of JAMMIT- a quick synopsis:
There's a bunch of "Mastered/Studio quality" tracks for purchase to play along to.(I think they were a California based company)
Example, I purchased the drum scores for most of "Scenes From a Memory" by Dream Theater. They offered a mini mixer to mute/fade the drums or the guitar.

1) Has anyone found a way to salvage the tracks they purchased?

I understand there are restrictions on posting covers and material to this site... is there any guitarists who would want to work together to trade drum/guitar tracks as play along tracks?

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!
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Everything here is potentially a "play along track" with the added challenge of being original. There's over 100,000 to choose from. There are lots of sites that sell play along tracks of "hits". They must appeal to somebody (not me). If the exercise you want is to hone your skill based on repeatedly playing one track then any track you like can be listened to repeatedly until it's as familiar as something heard on the radio.

If you've got a fair level of skill, then a more advanced exercise is to just open a track without listening first and see how long it takes you to sync with it in all aspects. Before wikiloops I used to blindly switch channels on the radio and play along with whatever came up (country, classical, rock, etc.). That exercise is about listening, understanding, and anticipating. If you can react and play along without knowing the track, then you've got some good ears, an understanding of music, as well as technique.

If you don't understand the search function at wikiloops type "jamtrack search" into the search box and it will come up. Should be self explanatory from there.

Go for the challenge!
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Firstly, Thanks for your time and responding-
Any "backing tracks" I currently have are MP4 files I rip off YouTube (User posted), I convert to MP3, transfer to a USB and then play through my Roland TD30 Brain.
It's apples and oranges to manifest music from the creative ether of one's brain opposed to a "play along" to an existing band's music. This is essentially how I learned drumming... listening to a A Cd on repeat and playing along. (Whether it's an influential group/piece or a challenge of one's skill)
I love that creative aspect. That is why I am here. In fact, I will NOT listen to the drum track remix as not to taint my personal creatively. Granted, sometimes us drummers may have to follow a certain rhythm which may be a triplet or eighth not, 16th, etc... to accompany a groove.
I can't play guitar nowhere near as well as I play drums. For me, to learn the guitar track, record it spot on just for me to play along on drums would be way too much effort for me to wreck-smash-drums to.

If I were asked to send a drum file of a cover, I would definitely help out. (If I were capable of the piece)
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