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Joined: 25.08.14
Hey there…..kind of a twist in this tread,’ cause I’m not new here, but…
I might as well use it to say goodbye to everyone I worked with the last few years.
It was a pleasure to meet all you great guys, hope it was the same for you.

May all goes well in wikkiland, and have a drink on my expense for Auld Lang Syne.
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Hey Fanne what's up? Are you leaving us or did I misunderstood your post?
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Yep,I'm leaving TG,time to move on.
'bout the drink....I'm sure I can work something out with Dick, but you all have to come to the meeting 2017 for it :)
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Well, sad to hear you are leaving... I hope you will come back one day ;)

I will gladly take up your offer for a drink as I will be at the meeting :O !
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Well I'm sure going to miss you Fanne! I've so enjoyed working on those Doo Wop songs together. I wish you health and happiness my friend.

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These are sad news ;o(
You will probably have your reasons for this step ... I will miss you and your music ...
Friedrich Nietzsche: "Ohne Musik wäre das Leben ein Irrtum."
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Best wishes my friend
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I hate to hear that. I've always enjoyed your works and the person.
Hope you will return someday.
Best wishes John.
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This is a sad news my friend ... You go to miss us musically.
I missed you already.
Good luck John ;)
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This time, it isn t sound like a good melody in my head. .. you Will miss us a lot John 😔
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