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How much do you listen to your own music

How much do you listen to your own music

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TeeGee Supporter
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Joined: Sep 27, 2014
I am interested to know if you listen to your own music other than when recording mixing etc). I mean many of us have 40 or more uploads, one or two albums, so do you listen to it in your free time?

When I found wikiloops and started recording, the first thing that happened is that I stopped almost completely to listen to radio or CD's as I am always listening either to Wiki radio, or new uploads by friends. When I am working on a track, which usually might take a few days , I use the half hour to work in my car to listen to the track, and alternative mixes, so that when I get home I can fix it. But the question is: How much do you listen to your own music (not when recording/mixing).

Me, I listen to it a LOT. If I am on a long car ride, I 'll do a bit of radio or a CD, but then I get fed up with it and out comes my phone or my USB stick and I start listening to my own tracks :D I know it may sound sad but the truth is I try to upload and jams to tracks that I like - and I like listening to tracks that I like, so I have a good selection of songs to chose from, not everything is good, but that's what the FF button is for :) . Always nice to go back a couple of years ago and listen to that old track that nobody but me will ever listen to :)

So, tell me guys, am I the only "self loving" Wikilooper here? Do I need to go to one of those support groups and say "My name is TeeGee and I need help"? Will you be there too??
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davidaustin Supporter
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no you are not alone TeeGee, I listen to what I have played on or started just to pick out the mistakes, it is a good way to learn.
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From my first jam, excluding two or three of my favorite artists, I only listen to my Wikloops friends. It's so rewarding that I will not replace it for nothing.:W
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axenvocs Supporter
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I don't listen to much commercial music anymore pretty much just listen to the wikiloops musicians
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ALawrence1 Supporter
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Yup. I listen to my own music all of the time. First, because I'm always looking to improve my vocal talent and second, because I like those tracks (that's why I chose to jam on them). Of course, I also listen to other music by my Wikiloops friends:D. Best music on the planet!
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mpointon Supporter
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Guilty. I do it to analyse what I could do better. I cringe at the things which don't work, I relish those things which do.

I'm hyper-critical of my playing. I have to keep going over it to learn. To improve. I can't help it. I'm my own worst critic but I have to be harsh on myself to improve.

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Wade Supporter
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Yea, Martin pretty wall described where I'm at as well. Brave post TeeGee, especially leading off with a confession!
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I try to listen to as little as possible my own tracks ... lately I succeed very well ;o)
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Guilty of listening and critiquing myself...but the best is when you just like the sound and want to listen(even then I critique myself some, can't help it lol)

Good thread. This site is addicting. Happy I found it.
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I listen to my music over and over and over when I first create it and milk it for as much information I can to help out any future creations.
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My name is Lirare and I need help! And I will be there for you TeeGee to listen to your music together with you. I need to be honest to myself. I don't do it to improve my skills. That is easier to achieve by listening to others. It is not just that I like the style of music I jammed to. There is a lot of music out there in that style I even like more. When I listen to my wikiloops tracks it is pure narcism.
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Tofzegrit Supporter
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I play wikiloops,I eat Wikiloops, I drink wikiloops, I live wikiloops

I work at night and sleep between 7.30 am and 4.00 pm (max) then until cooking the dinner I try to play
At work, I'm connected to this place and listening to the music from

I do love my collaborations and yes, I often listen to them
The Radio was my favorite artist these last months...

I still listening/watching artists/band if someone recommend me something

Yes I'm a full WikiTof
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ROBJOL Supporter
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Yes I do. Especially when other artists add to my music. It often give colors I did not expect. In my car, while eating, in my kayak.
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TeeGee Supporter
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Phew thank you guys, I am glad to hear that I am not alone! :D :D
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Tu Supporter
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I confess! I never watch any TV, rarely a movie. I spend all my time listening to music, only maybe 30% of my fav classics like Led Zep or Neil Young. The rest of my time I listen to new stuff on here, always searching for something that might suit some lyrics I wrote and yes, I spend an unhealthy amount of time listening to music of my own, listening to learn, listening for the simple thrill of hearing other musicians playing on my songs...that never tires. Once I upload a song here..it may get played a dozen or so times before it fades into the archive, but for me, I play my favorite songs all the time. So friends, when you contribute an add to one of my songs you are truly giving me a gift that I will always treasure.<3
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I always listen to what's new that pops up on my news feed.( It's how I discover new talents on the loops)If not much is happening I go off and listen to my own contributions....... and usually cringe.
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you are not alone TeeGee! I am my worst critic, I drench my ears with my own failures and sometimes my successes way too much. I do listen to a lot of other tracks on here but the reason I searched for and found this site was to play more music and learn. The fact that there are so many others on here, making amazing music is awesome. I do pull up music from others on my drives between calls at my day job, but I do tend to listen to songs I have contributed to or plan on contributing to more often than those I do not have a serious urge to be a part of. I am missing out on a lot of great music, I know. I wish I had time to listen to everything on here. I know I should listen more and play less. I know time away from my own projects is good from time to time. I know that I can learn a lot from just hearing new ideas. I know that in the next 4 hours I will likely work on 5 different tracks, maybe upload a couple of the better attempts and listen to how I did on my way home and again in the morning because I am addicted to playing music and since I have been a member, I have picked up bass, and vocals to add to the time I need to practice the guitar and the time it takes to keep on it all is a part time job's worth of time and effort and all that is what keeps me from hearing as much by others as I would like. I wish I could do this stuff as a full-time job so I could spend my off time enjoying others work more. My wife is not thrilled with me spending 20 hours a week trying to be a musician as it is, there is no more time available unless paychecks for my music were to start rolling in or she will have good reason to be upset with me, I am thankful she is ok with the time I do spend. balancing my time is tough and I am not very good at that.
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while I typed that 5 more songs popped up on my news feed, I need more hours in a day
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I like listening to myself jamming with others. I miss bands. Stated recording way back with a 4 track cassette, played all the instruments just not the same as having different personalities adding to it.
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Of the few songs I have uploaded... all my songs.... A lot. I am still learning about EQ, compression, mastering, etc. EQ the most. My Hi Hat is my biggest battle. Second would be any other highs in the mix.
Fast forward to mixing it with the other artists which adds another dynamic to try and post something quality. And the fact we post from high(er) quality WAV to low (er) quality MP3.
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