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Hi guys I would never thank the guys who started this enough, and of course the guys keeping it up with new materials! I have some suggestions/questions to make it bigger (even if it already amazing right now)
How do you feel about taking some jams to the next level; rearranging, rerecording (higher quality) and maybe release them under Creative commons or anything else. I have other suggestion that I should maybe discuss with dick....I don't know just talking.
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i thought the same....

but i also enjoy the live jam aspect, maybe settling for less than release quality mixes, but then just moving on to the next...

i spent much time too caught up in 'perfection' and always wanting a finished product and am really enjoying a break from that, and my playing is..'improving' lol

not, by any means saying you should not go ahead and do this...just throwing out my .02c
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hey rgbO, and thanx for joining the forum :)

this thread belongs into the feedback & development board - if you take a closer read there, you'll spot more similar ideas like the one you outlined here.
We are constantly discussing and developing new approaches / features, so we'd be glad to have you in the discussion.
There have been several ideas that go into a similar direction like yours, the big question of "how do we present the "done" jams" has been moving quite a lot of people as you'll see.

As a personal note on your suggestion: I'm not sure people would really like to re-produce a session in high quality. I believe, much of the fun on wikiloops comes from spontaneus recording, things get much more difficult as soon as you have the "production" issue going on, pressure will rise, off goes the fun. If I had the choice between rocking a new jam or rerecording a bassline I did a year ago, I'd propably go for a new jam.
Re-recording a great jam is a lot of work and really time consuming (what if 4 out of five are willing to do a HQ-recording, but the fifth is on holidays?), and as long as there is no "customer" waving with cash, theres little reason to do that, in my opinion.
I'd like to find ways of presenting collections / albums of great wikiloops tracks, so they can be easyly found by people not familiar with the branching-out system of wikiloops, you'll see more on this in the feedback corner.

Concerning the idea to release good mixes as CC:
I dont really see the benefit that would have - the wikiloops public license is basicly the same as CC (artists must be named, no commercial use...), the major diffrence is: with the wiki-license wikiloops may act as a licensing partner on behalf of the musicians, which would not be possible with CC.
Since wikiloops is a business from the legal point of view, it would even be hard to argue why a non.commercial CC license is in use on this platform. Wikiloops doesnt market the music or gain much (exept some add-income, but thats peanuts), but with CC, people could argue wikiloops acts like a commercial user and is thus breaking the CC rules.
There would be need for a major redraft of the terms of use to ensure wikiloops is legally seen as a non-profit organisation, since we need to find ways to make ends meet financially, thats not really an option we have right there.
Especially the legal stuff is really hard to get a grip on, I spent most of the wikiloops budget on legal counselling up to this day to make sure we stay out of any hassle with the law - it would be too bad if some bored lawyer came around and forced a close-down because of legal misfits, and the more peoplle turn their backs on the regular music market and start listening to free stuff like on here, the harder the pressure will get to close indie places down.
Its going to be an interesting development I believe, lets wait and see where things are heading.

I'm always open to suggestions and feedback, be it here in the forum or via PM - whatever your thought and feelings are, let me know. The better I understand your ideas, the better wikiloops will be in the end.
be good, and a good start into the new week :)

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Thanks for explaining all this and sorry for the mess related to the forum subjects. I'll definitely PM you there are stuff moving and maybe solutions to your financial issues!
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