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New user: nadrek

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Hi guys,

I just found this newbies section of the forum so I thought I'd say 'hi', although I've already chatted with loads of you via comments and remixes. I want you to know that you are an incredibly welcoming and encouraging community of musicians. It is amazing to find something like this on the Internet, where there are usually more trolls than anything else. I think wikiloops is such a great place to explore all different kinds of music, and for me has really helped. Since I stopped earning money for music about 7 years ago I've struggled with the question of 'why?' Why practice, why play, why write? Wikiloops answers that -- write, play, compose so that other people can enjoy listening, remixing, practicing and collaborating. We all need an outlet for our music, and I've finally got one back. I've been dusting off some of my old instruments and practicing them again for the first time in a long time.

I'm well up for suggestions and requests, so if there is a track you need some keys or other bits and pieces on, let me know. I particularly love the songs that all the well-known vocalists on this site produce, so if anyone wants to send me lyrics, tune, chords, whatever for me to create templates for then that would be great.

Have fun at your meetup -- maybe I'll get there next year!

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Hey nadrek !

good thinking ;) so i'll get to welcome you on this side of wikiloops as well :)
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As OliV'said :)
Glad to have you here Sir
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Welcome from me too :)
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Welcome ☺️
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a warm welcome to the Loops from me Nadrek :)
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warm welcome ;o)
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Welcome ;)
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Welcome !
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welcome ! it's the best place to be at the internet:W
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Hi Nadrek !
Wellcome on wikiloops and thank for all good templates you ve shared !
I love the way you play !
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