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standard jazz backing track

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Can I upload my backing track of standard jazz or only new creations can be sent?
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Hi there casak, thanks for your question. Only NEW and original music creations are permitted here at the Loops for copyright reasons. Have fun being creative at the Loops ! Sending greetings, Shi :)
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Hey Shi. Can I create a brand new and original creation based on a well-known *chord sequence*? Not melody, not music, not lyrics, but just the chord sequence?

I know googling isn't a substitute for legal advice, but there seems to be a number of articles that support the claim that chord sequences are not copyrightable (and neither are song titles):




Understanding this would be handy particularly in the jazz section for example, where backing tracks of common chord progressions are useful for practicing improvising over. Could I create a brand new work called "Winter Branches" using exactly the same chords as the old standard "Autumn Leaves", and post it on wikiloops without any issues?

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Jumping in here with a personal opinion. The thing that makes this place unique is that it's not just another "play your version of a standard" type place. Most of us can certainly recognize the changes to Autumn Leaves. Why would you want to do that here? Nobody will stop you, but I think lots here would wonder why you bothered to post a progression that is obviously the antithesis of being creative. There are a myriad of sites and sellers of play along "standards". This place is unique in NOT being one of them. Hopefully members will celebrate this as something special and unique rather than polluting it with ersatz standards.
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