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Mixing and mastering

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Maybe I have missed something, and if so (and it already exists),apologies. One of the things on my "wishlist" has to do with mixing, and or new arrangements. I guess the arrangement thing is already in place. Just upload new arrangements, but what I would like to see is a place for mixes, and or mastered mixes, to be on display, and or compared. If they are going to be compared and discussed, it would help if the players for the comparisons were on the same page, so that one player can be stopped and the other player immediately started, and the ability to go to certain times on the clocks to listen to passages. So it would help if multiple players (streamers) were visible all at once to facilitate comparison. And then the comments down below would allow us to discuss the different mixes/masters, so that we can learn from one another. It would mean multiple streaming players visible at the same time specifically for comparisons and discussions of mix/master. I have learned so much from other people just by listening and comparing. Maybe only available to supporters?

I like to dabble in new arrangements and mixes, and I would love to see a lot more stems posted for this reason. I work with several vocalists/lyricists long term and so I am often working on arrangements to facilitate vocals. That is impossible to do if stems are not provided. That is the one thing I have found to be frustrating...... not being able to get the separate parts of a great session to mix, and or arrange. Some people routinely supply these (AKE), and it is great. Where projects I am involved in I would say it now, that I am always open to have the stems (even if only mp3). Being able to compare mixes etc with players all on the same page I would love! It is one of my fav pass times to dabble with new arrangements and mixes. There are so many talented people out there for us all to learn from. This tool I for one would love!
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