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The Power of the loops II by Gary

The Power of the loops II by Gary

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Gary commented..
Hard to believe it was 2014 when I first jammed here. A lot has changed the loops has grown The guys I started jamming with are not around much anymore. My first tracks had a lot of noise my equipment was not great I had much to learn but with the help of other loopers things got better met great people and most of all had lots of fun. I hope to jam here for many more years PEACE my Friends <3

my special thanks:

this is a continuation of the thread that began Gary (axenvocs), in which he mentioned the power of the Loops and the way in which you get to change your musical vision and practice daily becomes more enjoyable and fun ...

It was a shame that the thread was diverted and did not concentrate on what was originally going to be a point of reflection and gratitude to Wikiloops and its members.

I met the Loops looking for Drums bases to adapt my songs, since the time in solitude, me and my guitar in my room towards ever narrower.

I was like a crazy bohemian, enclosed between four walls, and only my three dogs listened to me, I have to say that they always went to the meeting, lying next to me, endured hours of rehearsals and some dissonant notes that from time to time seemed to annoy them...

Wikiloops opened for me a wide field of expectations, a new learning front, interacting with other musicians, and above all a great friendship and mutual respect ...

I'm not a direct guitar player in front of people, I tried it in the past, I abandoned and today I regret it, but I assume it ... I'm actually a shy and insecure guy,
That's why Wikiloops offered me the opportunity for someone to listen to me and to participate and his great musicians welcomed me into his family, and here I recovered part of that illusion that broke into a thousand pieces, more than 20 years ago ...

I hope that this community continues with the same spirit, welcoming and kind, and a thousand thanks for your support <3

saludos de Xavier Peral
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