Crazy song titles

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I always laugh at some of the crazy song titles here. I thought I would post this question ...what is the craziest song title on Wikiloops? It could be your own song or just one you've seen. ✌
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Cool thread :)
I think eGil posted one called
"The sherrif's dead, we need a new one",
I kinda liked that one, but theres many others for sure...
"Good I don't need to hunt my food, I don't even know where the sandwiches live" is another one I've recently seen somewhere.
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@Dick, this is from nuno i bet! :D
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Not really 'crazy' but I came across one today from Woodstock... "LooperTramp" which I thought was pretty funny and worked perfectly when you listened to it!
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I'm guilty for writing and titling this one (but not playing)
<a href='' >100002</a> (I can't get the link to work it seems..)

Here is the story behind it:
Back in the 80's i was playing with a band which was quite promising, good material and pretty tight. But we couldn't agree on a name.
Sundays were normally hangover days at the bass players place with pizza and videos. We were watching "Burglar" with Whoopie Goldberg and came across the quote "I cant go in, there's lots of yuppies from hell in there". All of us jumped up at once and shouted "Yeah, that's the name of the band!"

The song was originally a short break in an other song which i later reworked into something of its own.
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So yeah..I'm not real creative when it comes to song titles..I usually am just adding sax I just go with the Original Title or something similar...since someone else created it. However..there have been some good ones over the last few years. Wish I could remember some..but that kind of stuff doesn't usually stick with me
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