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Greeting's Wikiloopian's

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Let me introduce myself.

My name is Kris, I am 24 and a drummer from Australia.

I have just discovered this place and I am looking for other musicians willing to participate in an Atmospheric Doom style project (In like of Agalloch, Esoteric, Draconian, etc)

I would like to use this as an opportunity to network with other musicians and do what we all do best, play music and have fun in doing so ;).

I am open to playing all styles of music, have been drumming for a number of years. At the moment my recording setup is pretty basic but i am looking to invest in some better equipment in the not so distant future.

Okay i think thats out of the way, so a big g'day to everyone. Hit me up if you want to get groovin' ;)


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Welcome Kris!

I was thinking it was about time we had some support from down under, so I'm doubly happy to welcome you on wikiloops :)
And as you will notice soon, drummers are very welcome around here :)
I must admit I dont know any of the three (bands?) you mentioned above, but I am absolutely positive you'll find people on wikiloops willing to explore your musical ideas (be prepared for out-of-nowhere-remixes, too :) )

have a good time jammin and feel free to spread the word some - and lets hear some beats soon!

best wishes

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Hi Kris.

I would love to play some doombass!;)

looking forward to your uploads
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