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Translation project: Shortlist of fixed terms

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Using the forum to drop off an issue we've been facing in the tranlsation team -
basicly, Oli asked me to provide a shortlist of terms that are used to identify unique functions / areas on wikiloops which need to be referred to n a consistent way, and I'll try to prove that here.

Since some things are mentioned on buttons and in text in different ways (long / short...), let me try to provide my list as:

if that is required.

here we go:

Newsfeed | News
private Band | Band
Thumbs up | Thumb
Red Flag | Flag
upload remix | remix
temporyry bookmarks | bookmarks
download tickets
membership upgrades
free limited member | "limited"
basic collaborator | "basic"
premium supporter | "premium"
Track ID
private messages | PM
help section | help
session templates
manage band
join band (formerly follow band)
album draft mode
suggest publishing (in band pages, to offer bandmates to publish a private track)
Follow (a user)
single-track-attachment | [HD]
mixed file (formerly mixed mp3, now wav or mp3, but mixed)
settings tab | (gears icon on profile]

so much from the top of my head, I guess looking at the structure of the help section will show some more relevant terms...
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Hey fellow translators :)

What a nice tool to discuss such a broad subject !! I'll drop here my take on french translation for most of these terms ... most of them could be subject to discussion so nothing final here but all in all we have to start somewhere right ?

ps: as far as i can remember i could never come up with a satisfying version of the "Thumbs up | Thumb" ... it's probably time to discuss that and figure out something ? ;)

watchlist fr: watchliste
playlist fr: playliste
album fr: album
Newsfeed | News fr: Newsfeed | News
Showcase fr: Showcase
private Band | Band fr: Groupe privé | Groupe
Thumbs up | Thumb fr:
Red Flag | Flag fr: Drapeau Rouge | Drapeau
download fr: télécharger
upload remix | remix fr: uploader remix | remix
temporyry bookmarks | bookmarks fr: Favoris temporaires | Favoris
download tickets fr: ticket de téléchargement
membership upgrades fr: Mises à niveau Compte
free limited member | "limited" fr: membre gratuit limité | limité
basic collaborator | "basic" fr: collaborateur basique |basique
premium supporter | "premium" fr: collaborateur premium | premium
Track ID fr: ID de Piste
track-finder-tool fr: Outil de recherche de piste
shoutbox fr: Boîte de dialogue
file-pool fr: Fond commun
private messages | PM fr: messages privés | MP
help section | help fr: section d'aide | Aide
session templates fr: template de session
remixes fr: remixes
manage band fr: Gérer le groupe
join band (formerly follow band) fr: Suivre le Groupe
album draft mode fr: Mode Album Brouillon
suggest publishing fr: suggérer publication
Follow (a user) fr: Suivre
single-track-attachment | [HD] fr: Piste solo
mixed file fr: Piste mixée
settings tab | (gears icon on profile] fr: Préférences | Prefs

added :
Mute-mode enabled fr: Mute-mode activé
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