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Stems that make you go wow!

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#42473 at 3:13 Free4One's solo is off-the-scale. Straight into my Dream Theater heart with his note-perfect John Petrucci impression. But then this stem is one of my favourites of all time.

#60884 for its sheer feel-good factor. #112768 for the same reasons. Based on the same template.

#34178 because it was my second-ever add to Wikiloops and it turned into this monster with some of the finest musicans on the 'Loops.

#35236 Because it made me laugh my arse off. Proof of Wikiloops' wicked sense of humour and sense of just going out there for the sheer hell of it. Just a shame I don't take drugs!

#58128 and #47213 because Kenny lays down the best templates!

But enough of Loops I've been involved in. They're just a fraction of the epic music made here.

You get tracks like #85473, #62516, #73048, #80102, #111924, #94162 and the list goes on. Every one of these fit for commercial output. I could go on as I've only scratched the surface.

What are your faves, whether you're playing on them or not?

Is it time for a Wikiloops Spotify album to support this place? There's so many damn good songs on here... Certainly my contributions and time here are free and always will be. If my contributions can help Wikiloops continue financially, I'm up up for it...

'Best Of' Spotify album, anyone? Or even a Wikiloops record label? I'm up for it.
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That's a great selection of tracks. I am starting to work out who your favourite contributors are!

The Spotify album / record label / commercialisation ideas are great. I would be very happy for everything I ever contribute to be available for Wikiloops to commercialise wherever possible, as long as it is always done in an open and transparent way.
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