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Genre types on wikiloops

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Hi there,

I thought of an idea or suggestion while searching through wikiloops for various genres as I like to play a variety of styles. I first thought about this whilst looking for some jazz to play along to, but then I stumbled along an old rock n roll track and it may me think, "how would someone who is a rock and roll player find more of these types?"

This is just an example. For instance bossa nova and samba are listed as two separate genres but really fall under "latin", and could also fall under the large umbrella of jazz too.

Jazz rock is sometimes labelled "fusion" which covers Jazz + "-------" (jazz and any combination of other genres)

The current drop down selection covers the main categories, but sometimes things are difficult to find as people don't always label things (I'm guilty!) :)

I had a look on the net at various websites to see what the definitive standard genre list was, which was quite interesting.

Is it (or could it be) a possibility that a second drop down menu could be added to the main search page with sub genre types for people to navigate through other categories that otherwise would be more difficult to find?

Or another option - could there be something added so when people say for example upload a track in the "electronic" section, a further dropdown allows them to add "Chillout" or "trance" or "acid jazz"? I'm aware of the "sounds like" box, but if people were able to select this through a drop down box, I think it would make this a more tidy database, and perhaps prompt people to give more info.

Many thanks for your time.

Best regards

Paul (pconey)
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