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'Band' releases shoud notify all member followers

'Band' releases shoud notify all member followers

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It occurred to me that if I'm in a private band with B and C, then when one of us posts the finished mix it would be nice if..
1) All followers of all members of the band were notified.
2) Commemnts/likes posted on the band tune would results in notifications for all members of the band.

Maybe this happens already but it's not obvious if it does?
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Dick Supporter
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this was still awaiting feedback-
first, your observation is correct, there is no notification of following users happening when a track gets published via some band page at this time.
Now, the solution you suggest (informing all followers of the participating band members) is a quite simple approach one could implement,with only one downside:
Let's assume for a moment I have decided to follow some drummerwho obviously has a good hand at providing templates, because I'm hoping to get notified of his template uploads in the future.
In the event of a band release and assuming we notify the way you suggest, I'll get to hear another track involving that drummer, but I have no option to get a hold of the phantastic drum track itself... that is a different situation than I'm used to, so I'm not sure I'd really like that.Just trying to anticipate the pros and cons, maybe you see what I'm trying to point at.

Now, an alternative version might let users "follow a band" if they wish these kind of band-release notifications. That would be the most clear cut between following an individual and a band, but it would require people to visit a bands page and start a bands followership first. That is a high barrier to take, and since band projects are sometimes rather short-lived, one would end up in need of some "hey, follow my new band project XYZ"-invitation thing (or people would send such messages by PM...).

To tell you the truth, I'm not sure there really is that much interest / demand to follow band projects in which I'm not involved- I may be wrong on this one tho.

What seems a third option and has been on my list of things to do would be the simple approach to let fresh band-releases appear as the most recent upload in the latest jams list / lastest jams radio stream.
That is a bit tricky, because of the track ID ordering system (assuming the track was a few days old prior to release decision, it will show up on page 24 of the latest jams at the moment of going public). That way such band tracks would get some more attention without involving the whole followership thing...
A fourth option would be to offer a separate list of recent band releases one could link to, but again, I'm not all sure there is a high demand for that. The most straightforward approach to present band collaborations to listeners would involve collecting the band releases in an album, which would again be featured, and which could easily be shared & promoted to outside listeners.
wikiloops itself is just not the best of listener presentation & showcaseing platforms, and the attempts to make it more attractive towards pure listeners and to increase the attention towards self-presentation options always have the downside of blurring the focus on competition free collaboration among likeminded musicians... I do feel there is a strong connection between these two factors (also something I tried to reflect about in my recent post about soundclouds development),
and even tho I fully understand the desire to improve the "presentation"-factor offered by the loops, I'm also very carefull not to create any confusion about the fact that we are not here to become rich and famous, and that you really should go to some other place if you are looking to score a record deal or to collect streaming revenue. I'm aware that is not what you asked for, just trying to explain why I'm very carefull about creating the wrong expectations.
If there's anyone out there who as ever felt "man, i wished I got notified of this-n-that bands publications", feel free to let me know. If the situation is rather "Man, I wished more people got notified about my band stuff", then that is quite understandable, but might not be shared by the recipients of such notifications...

I'll check the notification on comments-thing you mentioned in point 2, I believe there is someting like that implemented (it rather informs all participants of the track than all participants of the band, which may include musicians who are not active in that particular track). Should be possible to provide such notifications, it already works that way when people leave comments via the radio (all involved musicians get notified).

Good points, good thinking, thank you very much :)
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Dick, thanks for the long and considered reply. I'll explain my rationale for the original request.

Firstly the main concern is to get notification of likes/comments/remixes for band posts which I've been part of. To be fair, my proposed mechanism may not be the best answer to this. On a couple of occasions I've been part of projects which were posted by someone else but which were _not_ 'band' projects. In that case, I'm still interested in comments but even the band concept wouldn't help me.

Perhaps something like the 'add to collab watchlist' button would work - i.e I could monitor any arbitrary track?

On the notification to band followers, yes my main 'driver' for this is to stop having to worry about who in the band has the most followers so as to make sure it actually gets some listens! I take your point that followers of individual musicians may not be interested in complete band songs but that's not the way I wanted to use the band concept here. Rather, my intention was to use the 'band' concept to allow a couple of us to work on something together before posting it as a joint project in the hope of further remixes. The ways you might do that today are..

1) use a private band to collaborate but then 'publish' by creating a new tree with each individual posting their part as a remix of the one before.
Downsides: you have to choose an 'order' of posting, arrange all the remixes etc, coordinate properly to make sure they're posted in the right order.

2) Choose one member of the band to post the finished mix but then add each part as an HD option.
Downsides: Only one band member gets notifications. There's a bit of head-scratching to decide which band-member will draw more listens.

3) Post the finished mix as the 'band' but then add each part as an HD option.
Downsides: No followers/few listens (at least, until everyone has 'spammed' enough so that people know the band exists). No-one in the band gets any notifications of comments/likes.

P.S. Don't worry, I'm not really that bothered about collecting my 0,00000027c streaming royalty from my 101 (+45K!) listens ;-)
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