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Success Stories?

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Hi - new to the community and very impressed by all that I have seen (heard) so far! Out of curiousity, has there been a project that has made it from genesis here on wikiloops into a touring scenario? The answers probably here somewhere, but haven't been able to locate it as of yet, so I thought I'd ask.

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Hey JM and welcome to wikiloops :)
The problem probably is that those who went on tour are so superbusy they are not around to answer your question ;)
What you can find around the forum is proof of several get-togethers of wikiloops musicians, besides the "official" meetings in germany, I know of folks meeting in canada, the united states, new zealand, norway, spain and portugal for small jams between wikiloops people (our member Wade is the inofficial travelling wikiloops meeting, now that I come to think of it).
I also know of a couple of drummers who ended up opening their own "on demand tracks"-studio service after having jammed on wikiloops for some time - not sure if that was coincidence or a wikiloops effect, tho.
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