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Wade Supporter
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OK, I admit that I'm not the most social person around...maybe even a borderline misanthrope with facebook and twitter an anathema . However, I'm extremely curious about how others interact in this unique environment. I'm a researcher so love to get data and see what makes things tick. Any of you feel like being guinea pigs? Would love to hear from you by just answering the following by the numbers:

1. How many minutes/hours a day do you spend on average on the this site?
2. What do you think your ratio of comments or thumbs given is to thumbs received? (e.g. 4/3 = four given for 3 received).
3. Of the members you are "following" what's the percentage that you respond to with comments or a thumb? (e.g. 40%)
4. Thinking of all the people who "follow" you what do you think is the percentage that regularly comment or give thumbs?
5. What's your balance/percentage between the social aspects of the site compared to just music? (e.g. 40% social, 60% music)
6. How important is this site to you socially?: A = very important; B= moderately important; C= not very important; D= not at all important.
7. How important is this site to you musically?: A = very important; B= moderately important; C= not very important; D= not at all important.

I think that open answers would be very interesting for others to see, however if you would rather not have others see your answers I'd be happy to receive them in a PM (which will NEVER be disclosed).
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Hi Wade!
I dare to answer you. Getting older I notice that I need more and more silence. This means, now I listen to 2 or 4 songs a day. Of course I work several hours on new compositions.
To my opinion wikiloops is very transparent system. You see every ratio with a few clicks.
I have used "follow" as a "reminder" in most cases. They play loudly and they vanish silently. No one will say goodbye.
The real magic of this open site is, you never know who is watching you. Maybe you have ever watched the documentation "20 feet from stardom". They don't work 24 hours each time, some of them might be online.
Wikiloops was a good place for me to meet outstanding musicians.

What I am really wondering about is the total lack of questions in PMs.
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1) That varies from not visiting for weeks up to spending a hour or even two a day. But that is just who i am, very periodical.
2) My stats:
public Uploads: 77
Fans: (received thumbs) 1,102
given thumbs: 295
written Comments: 186
Forum posts: 337
received Remixes: 72
total plays: 193,410

3. I do not follow anyone.
4. Being followed by 60+ persons maybe 10-20 of them comment when i finally do upload something
5. Actually hard to say since everything i discuss involves music in some aspect. Given that i'd say 50/50. This answer even spills over to the last two questions since they are not linearly independent
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mpointon Supporter
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Like Nilton, these are my stats so I'll do the maths from that!

public Uploads: 498
Fans: (received thumbs) 9,498
given thumbs: 3,394
written Comments: 2,633
Forum posts: 340
received Remixes: 3,544
total plays: 2,773,256

1. Anything between 10 minutes and a couple of hours.
2. The above stats suggest around 33%
3. 80% although I do miss a lot of friends' uploads. This percentage is my response to the uploads I get around to listening to/liking. This is largely because I do a lot of my looking on my phone which makes typing responses fiddly and I often don't have headphones available (plus the headphone jack in my phone has something stuck in it!)
4. 30% at a guess. But looking at the following list, I've quite a few who are not active any more so it's a tough guess.
5. I'd go with a straight 50/50. Much as I love the uploading, etc., Wikiloops is my social network too, if you will. I no longer have anything to do with any of the mainstream social media platforms whatsoever. I'm not just one of those inactive types, I'm deleted from them all. Partly because I no longer trust them, mainly for reasons waaay too lengthy to go into here. A very short reason for me would be that I very much question how much they actually 'enhance' society. I feel they will have the opposite effect longer term whereas a place like Wikiloops, with its shared values and focussed interests (i.e. music) keeps it honest and not about keeping up appearances.
6. A/B see response to 5.
7. A

I so nearly started off on one of my social media diatribes there. Managed to contain myself for once!
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These are my stats so I'll do the maths from that!

public Uploads: 64
Fans: (received thumbs) 948
given thumbs: 17123
written Comments: 708
Forum posts: 28
received Remixes: 55
total plays: 62345

1.between 10 minutes and one hour
3.> 60%
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bhunt1 Supporter
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1. On average, 1/2 hour to 1 hour per day, but it varies a lot. Some days not at all (usually due to work), some days 2 hours or more :)

2. I give more thumbs than I receive, probably about a 4/3 ratio as you suggested.

3. I'd guess around 50%

4. Maybe 30%?

5. It's more music than socializing overall, but the social aspect is becoming increasingly important. There are a lot of great people here and the atmosphere is so positive and supportive. Wikiloops is a social place!

6. Important, and becoming more so as noted above

7. Very important! This site has made me a better player.

I've been on here almost 4 years, and I have seen the site evolve and grow, but it has not changed in terms of it's positive and supportive atmosphere. I give credit to Dick and his team for creating and maintaining this special place. Vielen dank Dick!
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1. oh, that is very different, it varies between half and four to five hours ;o)

2. public uploads: 666
Fans: (received thumbs) 11,737
given thumbs: 16,520
written Comments: 13,237
Forum posts: 92
received remixes: 605
total plays: 708,654

3. I estimate 20-30%

4. Again, I estimate 20-30%

5. Because of the language barrier, my social part here is limited to perhaps 10%, the rest of the time I spend listening to music or doing music myself ;o)

6. Hard to say, as I have just described, I do not have many social contacts, but the ones I have are very important to me ... that's why I agree with B here ;o)

7. A, A and again A :D
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"Yeah science!"

1. Hmm - depends what you mean by 'on the site'. Probably at least a couple of hours each day on the weekend listening to tunes (typically hunting for things to remix). During the week, I'll typically 'check in' a few times a day to see if there are any interesting forum posts or messages (feedback/PM). BUT - the amount of time _associated_ with the site is much larger. I'll often spend almost the entire weekend working on remixes (not all get uploaded) and often time during the week as well. It's pretty unusual now for me to do anything musically that _isn't_ associated with wikiloops.

2. Very close to 1:1. That probably doesn't reflect properly how much stuff I _do_ like - I just have a bad habit of not giving a thumb unless I can think of something to say about the music. Ironically if I _really_ like something and download it for a possible remix I tend to forget to 'like' it until after I upload the remix.

3. It varies. There are some people I follow because I really want to hear what they will upload next and who I will almost certainly comment on. There are other people I follow because I really respect them as musicians but I will 'dip in' to their output from time to time to see if they have come up with something I can add to. There is a 3rd set that are people that may not have uploaded much but seem to have an interesting sound and I want to keep track of them. Amazingly I seem to be following more than 90 people but it's safe to say that I probably treat less than 10 as 90%probability of listen+comment.

4. Of around 50 followers I'd say that there are probably 5 or 6 I am pretty sure will listen to any new upload, a larger set of maybe 15-20 who have a '50%' change of turning up.

5. Most music but the social aspect is important. Let's say 70/30. Put another way, would I hang out here just to add comments even if I didn't upload? No. Would I upload if there were 'thumbs' but no comments.... maybe, but much less I think.

6. B. I'd definitely 'miss' some of the people here if the site just went away.

7. A. As I've said before... I'm almost certain I would have given up playing if I hadn't discovered wikiloops.
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Wade Supporter
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Thanks to those of you who answered. I'm afraid that the small number of answers means that it's not possible to say what may be the mean or average of members. Generalizing it would seem that social aspects of the site are somewhat important but not as important as being here for the music.

Question 2 was the only one that could be answered by stats (thumbs and comments ratio). Questions 3 & 4 required the respondent to be relating to the number of people they follow and follow them (not part of your stats). A few got this right.
Questions 5,6 and 7 look at what's the most important thing for you in being here. That's a very personal thing, but probably the most important to consider.

My sincere thanks to those of you who responded. The rest of you...Ha! The survey deities have noted your slack attitude and put you on their list for endless calls at dinnertime from India.
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OliVBee Supporter
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Very dear Wade,
I just wanted to tell you that statistics are really not my thing ... allthough i know by experience that whoever you are you can be classified and categorized (yes i have been taught stats formulas and how you could mathematically generalize things or not) ... but to be fully honest with you i sort of burried all this in a hurry as deep as i could in the stats box in my brain and never opened it again no matter what !

i like to fool me thinking i am quite unique and love the fake idea i don't fit in any single stat group :)

as for endless calls from India i am very glad that India is asleep during my dinnertime !
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Wade Supporter
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Thanks OliVBee. I think there are a lot of people who don't really want to be any kind of statistic. There is another way to relate to this questionnaire: have you asked yourself these questions? Do you know (without having to tell anyone else) what's important about wikiloops for you? For me it's timely to think about these things when Dick needs our support. How important is being here either for social reasons or the music?
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You forgot the most important question..:)

"How many of you read the Forum,and/or "How Often". Me? Not enough

Stats..yes I know..Important to some, not to others.

In answer to your questions..

1. Too much
2. I can't find the numbers (I know they are here somewhere)
3. I'm guessing 75% because when I hear something I like I hit Download and go..and have to go back to make a comment which I
should have done in the first place..:|
4. We've talked about this..But..I'd guess maybe 20% (But then..are they legiitmate? or just a nice "click" (Are you gonna quantify the numbers to correlate with the instruments being played?) :D Ooops ...answer a question with a bad
5. Maybe 20% Social..80% Music
6. The answer is C However I do enjoy conversing with some folks behind the scenes.:D
7. The answer is "A"

OK..Now you can plug those in and redo all the stats :)
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