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Bassist question...Audere jazz bass preamps and Warwick basses.

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Anyone use Audere jazz bass preamps and if so ...how ya like em? Have any tracks I can hear?

Second question.... Warwick basses. Other then Hingstler , who uses them and would you recommend them. I'm aware of their feel and growl.

I'm looking at both of these now and thinking of splurging on myself for Christmas.

Looking to hear shining example of both in action . Youtube is rather lacking but Hingstlers tracks sell me on the Warwick.
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I use and used different Warwick basses.

Are you interessted by a specific model ?
All Warwick are really différents.

I've owened a corvette standard ash, a fortress, an corvette fna and a thumb bo ( I've always the std ash and fna)and I play a lot my fretless, rockbass streamer standard.

first : the new gps serie ( german pro serie) are good, no issue with this basses, but for me the sound of Warwick = wenge neck + brass frets. ( the brass frets aren't avalaible on the gps)
fingerboard an old german bass could be mo interissting.

Second : the custom shop basses are great, but too expensive in my opinion. they are always industrial manufactured (( ok selected wood and other nice options).

I love the corvette, not the shape, If you love the jazz bass with modern sound, punch and dynamic go.
The sound of the thumb, is very specific, due to the pups position, a lot of medium, great low end.
for me, you have different basses with specific signature : Jazz bass, precision, MM and thumb.

The thumb is great, but due to this shape not well balanced.

Steamer is a classic, there is a lot of video on youtube.

other thing, if you go for an used Warwick, since te end of the nineteen, the neck are made with ovangkol + wenge fingerboard
instead of full wenge. both are great, but for my personal tastes ( I'm not the only one) the touch of the ovangkgol is more pleasant, smooth than the wenge ( more rough) .

I love all the Warwick I use or used, If I would go for one : a thumb bo 5 or streamer std 5 ( old german)

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Sebastion -
Thank you!
I knew German made ones were the ones to get but I did not know why!
I played a Warwick $$ Corvette with the double humbuckers and fell in love with its versatility. Went from Slap to melodic very easily and smooth.

Im probably looking at a Rockbass or Thumb.I do not know new or used yet. Probably used.

I think now after reading your post , I will spend extra for the German made definitley.

I have to be careful how i say this...I am not a huge fan of Fender basses but i do not dislike them or avoid them. Im just not a huge fan as compared to other basses.

The reason is I prefer thinner necks so I lean toward Gibson Thunderbirds or Hammersmiths. I do own a jazz bass but for me , its limiting. Its currently all I have to play until I get my basses from storage as I just moved. They are many miles away from me.

Let me listen to your tracks as i want to hear the fretless although I want a Rockbass $$ fretted or the thumb.

I really like everything I hear with the Warwicks.

There is a member named "Hingstler" who plays them as well. You can search and hear him. hes very very good!

Thanks , you taught me alot about the german models and Im even more determined to get one now!

Thanks ,

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You're welcome, my pleasure.

The double buck is very versatile due to is configuration.

Please note the double bucks rockbass could be less versatile than his german sister :
The rockbass double buck is passive ( german is setup with a mec active/passive preamp)
No switches to split the pups on the rockbass.

The thumb is very special, I will send you some videos of good review, If your re looking for something to cut through the mix, the thumb is a queen.

About rockbass : they are really good basses, modern sound, well finished, but they haven't the typical sound of Warwick ( a little thing in the tone is missign), as I said, typical sound of Warwick = wenge fingerboard + brass fret.
If you listen reviews on the web, Warwick basses with emg pups, barto pup's etc and other preamps ( instead of MEC), they still sound " Warwick" .

As you I'm not a big fan of fender, My main bass is a Bacchus JB 5 and I play a lot my fretless,I don't play a lot my corvette standard ( JB like), in my band I need a 5 strings, but I can explain why, the bacchus is great, but the corvette have " something more " " something special".

About rockbass, A friend who plays a lot of great basses ( JB usa, Duff signature, rickenbaker,spector euro lx alex Webster and more), wants a good modern " jb" 5 strings, he bought a rockbass streamer NT1 5. He is in love, easy to cut the mix, good low b, nice preamp, well finished. ( made in china, but not bad)
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Thank you Cbass! Sounds like I need to look at the Thumb!
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Here a nice comparison .
Thumb neck trough ( high end here)

for slap the stingray is really punchy, but you can hear that the thumb have a distinctive sound ( mids) .

Note : 4 strings version the pups position is less " radical", sounds really good too, but for me real thumb is a 5 strings.
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bolt on sounds nice

here this monster cuts trough the mix

And here with a nice latin groove

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