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problems adding track to playlist

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When I try to add a track to my playlist, the window with all of my playlist files shows up but only the bottom quarter of the files are visible the rest is hidden behind the wikiloop heading , I can't move the playlist file window up or down by dragging and the scroll bar on the right margin moves the whole page with my playlist behind the heading so nothing changes on the view of my playlist . So I only have access to the bottom 5 or so files out of 20 or more that I have . I had a problem in the past that after adding a track to my playlist there was no close button so I had to F5 or refresh the page to get back to the track I was listening to, that also seems to be back, no close button after uploading track to playlist . It could be me or my computer since I didn't see a similar Bug problem in the feedback. I'm not the most talented with computers , I'm running the latest version of Windows 95 , just kidding I have Windows 10 with Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge . Problem is the same in either of those operating systems . Is anyone having anything similar happening ? Or is it just me ? Am I the last person on Wikiloops running Windows ? I have a million more questions but I'll spread them out . Thanks
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thanks for pointing this out - I must admit that I simply missed the thought of how long the list of playlists might get, and that this would cause the described effect on comparably small screens.
I'll see what I can do about that as soon as possible, thanks for the hint once more!
I've been using windows all along the wikitower, don't worry. What you should let go of is using Edge/Internet explorer, just install either firefox or google chrome, and I'd expect you'd see wikiloops and the rest of the web in a different way afterwards (IE always sucked really bad, sorry to say that).
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Thanks Dick, while being a caveman at computers , I have heard of the dump IE browser. That's why I figured amongst the computer savvy people here on wikiloops I may be one of the few using it . Dumping it may help with some of the other problems ...... Have Fun, Thanks again, jeff
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