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Mouse watching anyone?

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Here's a little video I made for my little nices this christmas -
as some will remember, my coding workspace desk is facing a window,
behind which there's a little piece of lawn.

As I have sat here many many hours in 2017,
I had the chance to observe and film one single mouse which happens to trespass right in front of my view,
sometimes only two arms lengths away...
don't expect much of a plot, it's just a mouse in action.

Just a mouse? naw, it's THE official wikiloops mouse, now how does that sound ;)
Thanks for the background music to all involved (stated at the end).

Happy new year everybody :)
"Sorry - had to do it!" - Les Claypool

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Very nice :W
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Can we get a Wikimouse t shirt?
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Good idea, the Wiki Mouse club.
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I hope Baer is not jealous :)
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If you want frozen mice, I caught about 20 of them in my forest camp this fall.
Et comme le dit le chat Jules: "Je déteste les souris sauf en hachis".
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Much cuter than the giant rat I saw in my street! It was the size of a cat :|
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Very mice... oups nice...
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