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Guitar/Keyboard man from Sandy Eggo California

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I'm new to this group, not so new to jamming online. I haven't done this in awhile and much of my gear is either stolen or got wiped out with my hard drive crash or something. I occasionally play, and I'm the kind of guy that gets inspired by a good jam. I mainly play my own chord progressions, or whatever I come up with.
I started playing guitar around '79 or '80 when I think 'Godzilla' was on the charts, so I guess that makes me a dinosaur?
I have experimented with all kinds of different things, gadgets, software etc. Lately what has got me back into playing more has been some experiments that I've been doing with guitar, really crazy things like blowing in tubes, and making funky guitar necks with switches. That has got me back into jamming.
My styles of playing depends on who I'm jamming with, and if I'm playing keyboards or guitar, and what kind of guitar I'm playing, or if we are doing covers. It varies from basic rock like Chuck Berry, or Blues Rock, to some avant garde generative music, and progressive rock. I enjoy listening mainly progressive rock like Yes, Genesis, Beatles Moody Blues and fusion like Return to Forever, as well as some classic rock, and soft rock, and R&B. I am probably going to listen for awhile, but I have some song ideas in mind that I might record and upload, or transfer from garage band (on my iPad) to here. I haven't done this sort of thing in awhile, but I should be able to figure it out, hopefully I won't have to buy software for it.
My contributions will probably mainly be keyboards, and moog solos because there seems to be hole to fill (the keyboards are good when it's there, it's just not there sometimes), and possibly some of my frankenguitars that I have modified. So if you hear some strange sounding guitar it's probably one of my inventions.
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nice intro, welcome...
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yeah, welcome to wikiloops!

lookin forward to your moog :) And feel free to show us some of your modded instruments in the pics thread, that'd be interesting - we have quite some instrument nerds around here that'd love to take look ;)
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