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show what key your work is in

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noob here, and while i'd like to stay and learn at this site, it's going to be hard when most don't put what key their work is in. I'm self teaching, and while i have the chops, i don't have the ear yet. I'd love to contribute financially, but doesn't look like this site is for learning, more for experienced players.
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One of the biggest part in becoming an accomplished musician is educating your ear ... and there's no such thing as "too soon" in this matter ! Teaching yourself to trust your ear is probably the most important part of a musical education if you're going to improvise and jam along !

It is certainly a process that needs trials and errors but in the end it will definitely make a huge difference ! Don't be scared to try ? Download and exercise at home ... nobody has to hear your mistakes ;) ... and when you'll be ready don't miss the chance to share your efforts !
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Hey man, welcome :)
I think that if you use the search function you will find hundreds of great templates with the key listed, so no problem there. And you won't find a better place in the Web for giving you backing tracks in such a quality and variety. Plus the guys here are cool! I suggest you try it out for a while and see for yourself :)
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