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DIY portable tabletop studio - custom case for my recording gear

DIY portable tabletop studio - custom case for my recording gear

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Man, i love WL! And I have pulled out a "small" pile of gear from my basement "time capsule" to be able to record mixes.

I decided to consolidate all the gear i use into one case, with custom inserts to keep it all from rattling around, to protect it, keep it accessible, and keep it picked up. It always looks messy, and i don't currently have a space where I can leave this stuff set up, no matter how tidy it is. Now I can easily clean up the entire kit, and quickly re-assemble in any available space.

I took pictures of my process, which is basically to half fill a suit case with Great Stuff expanding foam, wrap the gear in plastic bags, cover the foam in cloth, and push the objects into it and let cure. If you try this get plenty of foam, I used two small cans and wish i had more.

My gear is: Old behring U-200 USB audio, old Mackie portablel mixer (i like the pre-amps), line 6 POD, morley Tel-Ray power wah boost, and a bunch of cables, headphones, a mic, desk stand, harmonicas, etc. (I only use the "input" side of the U-200, and run the headphone out of my laptop back to the mixer, and monitor everything on headphones through the mixer. Since I am monitoring "live" i can adjust for latency in the background) I don't always use everything, but it is handy to have it all available and in one place.

Most of my gear:

Thrift shop suitcase

Great stuff:

Wrapped gear:

custom impressions:

placed components in "final" position:
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Hey Buzz!

I have the same problem. I'm playing in the salon just when everybody goes to sleep. Before that was easy. Now I have still more and more toys and a problem. To connect/disconnect All stuff I need automaticly more and more time.
I need to clean up, because small hands of my Kids, are just waiting to move some knobs and to break something.

I'm thinking about case to put bass efx and interface. The difference is, I want to open this case, connect usb, bass and headphones and thats All.
The best solution woulld be possibility to use this in our music room on stand. For this I need stand for computer and iPad

I'm thinking two weeks and I have nothin (free money for the first)

Buzz... excelent job. If You have more photo I would like to inspire myself with pleasure
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Yeah, exactly! The dream scenario is to simply plug in the USB cord and jam, but I think it will always be more complicated than that. This is close, and at least all my gear is in one spot!:)
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