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GarageBand on iPad

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I don't believe I have more than Audicity on my PC, however I have GarageBand on my iPad. I was wondering if anyone out there has tried using GarageBand for iPad for wikiloops jams?
I'm not sure how to download the backing track, or upload it etc. I'm new to Apple, and iPad technically.
Do you think it's possible? It would be nice also because I think some of my synths can record the output and it would be better quality than running it to my PC then recording it.
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sorry, I'm no help on apple,
in case you end up looking for some better PC solution than audacity,
get familiar with reaper, as far as I know one can use the trial version without a timelimit...
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I found Cakewalk Sonar LE install disk that came with some of my equipment. I think it came with my Yamaha keyboard(?). So I got that covered. I'm very close to hooking up the iPad to the computer to record it. I have an EMU USB audio unit that works pretty good. I think all I need is an RCA to 1/4" plug adapter.
I have a Y splitter that splits from an 1/8" stereo to 2 RCA outputs. There are some other things out there, a docking station made by Alesis that would probably work great. Ideally if I could do all this in GarageBand on the iPad it would be cool, so I'm still looking into it.
Worse case scenario I will have to get my Yamaha keyboard out of the closet, which would probably work great anyway. I'll probably do that this weekend.

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Which instrument do you want to record?
Does Garageband allows VST?

Im not sure recording with iPad can give a great quality :/

If you just want to record a keyboard than all you need is a 1/4 jack with a 1/8 plug straight in your line in on your computer.

For a guitar i'd suggest an usb mic with some of you amp, otherwise you could check for a pod or something like that but you'll need some VST to make it sound great ...

Hope that help ! ...


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iPads are very useful for recording at this point.. and you have access to amp/effect sims that are very close to what is available on desktops.. You can do full blown recording with just an iPhone or iPad by using Garageband and one of the Amp/effect modeling apps.. there are also other DAWS available if you require something different but for the price, you aren't going to beat Garageband and what it can do.

First you need an interface.. Apogee JAM is the go to device from many iOS musicians and it comes with all the cables you need for both iOS and pc/mac.

Then you need amp sim... top dog at the moment is made by Positive Grid.. JamUp Pro and they have a new app called B.I.A.S. which lets you build tube amps by swapping in or out different components.. Jamup is use.. haven't tried BIAS. Jamup is a killer application. There are also a few others, notably Amplitube 2 and AMPKIT. All sound good and it's just a matter of what sounds best to you.

Then Garageband acts as your DAW. You could download the wiki session you want to work with and import it onto your iPad via iTunes.. there might be another way but this is how I would do it. Then you can import it into Garageband on your iOS device. Then use Garageband to record your part and create the mix to save back to your desktop for upload back to wiki.

If you aren't on the latest version of iOS ( 7 ) you will need to use an application called Audiobus.. think of it as ReWire for iOS.. Latest iOS 7 has something called inter-app audio which is basically Apple stealing Audiobus's idea and making it part of the iOS. Currently, Audiobus is going to have more support from music applications because it's been around for at least a year and most serious music apps support it.
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+1 for the Apogee JAM, works really well, excellent sound quality. Use it on my Mac Mini with Garageband X mostly, friends use it on the iphone and iPad and are very happy with it.
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Just started using garage band and jamup pro and some other effects all on the iPad.....but as yet all I an do is download.. Create... Mix but I can't find a way to upload direct.
I know icon do it all when get a new Mac but the idea is to be able to jam live...record and upload all from a small cabin bag.
I've just built a folding Steinberger guitar and want to use the new rig at the next wiki fest
If anyone knows how to do the upload without dick having to recode the upload pane for use from audio share......let me know!
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Kimbo you have to save export your song to iTunes. Connect your iPad and save to your computer. Import the song to iTunes and then export the song to mp3. It's not too hard, I do that with all the stuff I've done. I use JamUp Pro for guitars and record into garageband.

Another option is use record using Multitrack DAW. I think you can save to your computer via the apps ftp setting so you don't need to connect your ipad to the computer.
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