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Good evening everyone.
Tonight, I want to develop a subject.
My weak knowledge of Shakespeare's language will make this out of my sight and understanding of future responses.
My shoes have been on wikiloops for a few years. For even more for many members.
Over time, despite the geographical distance and my word avarice, the musical approaches (because we are all here for that) with some members, seem familiar to me.
I am able, for example, to tell you the preferred tone of some, the tonal progression of many, and the feeling of the heart of many more ...
That, because for a long time I think not to cheat and share. Often my path crosses the same musicians for a few years, and I learned to love their world and keep an eye on them.
I just wish tonight to thank you for sharing. To thank the support, the technical means, wikiloops and Dick of course.
I'm not ashamed to say that I learned a lot musically among you, and that I prefer the quality to the quantity in spite of my unhealthy waste ...
Let us keep in mind that this place is a platform for sharing and personal evolution through, and with others, to keep this spirit of quality going.
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