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Hey friends, hello loopers, I have a question: I have a project Guitar, a quit damaged Semihollow, similar an ES 135, without any electronic. Could anyone recommend what Pick up and so On would fit? Thanx very much friends:D
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Gibson P 90 (single coil) is the standard replacement pickup. P100s (humbucker )are downright hotter. Both are considered "soapbar " style.

There are Gibson normal stock P90s.Kinman noiseless P-90s. Seymor Duncan makes a set as well. Lollar p90 50s. Kent Armstrongs....

Whatever P90/P100s you decide on ..make certain the magnets are type "A5". for the classic sound.

Also watch the specification of the output. You will probably want 7-9k output for a P90. Anything above that is considered "HOT". Cheaply made pickups may go as high as 14k output . Avoid those. The closer you are to 7k , the more your pickup will have a wider range of tone. The higher the output , the more it is always screaming rock solo mode.A P100 go only as high as 10k maybe.

For volume/tone potentiometers: 500k volume, 250k tone and a .05 cap just like Gibson used on 50's Jr's and Specials.The higher the pot value the more open and clear the pickup is...if you were to use 2 500k pots it would have slightly more top end than my set up and if you were to use 2 250k's it would be a lot darker.

When wiring the guitar also tie all grounds to one point. (star ground) . You can also paint the inside of the electronics hole with Faraday Non Conductive paint so you dont pick up radio signal.

I would go on youtube, find videos of Gibson P90s and P100s on your guitar and listen to the differences. Go from there.
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Seymore Duncan 59 or Seth Lover 335 pickups though relativity is right... the p 90 would be the proper replacement. if indeed replace is what you need. if its a new build with no cutouts ide use the Seth Lovers
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