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Facebook login for auditor and Facebook integration

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I don't know if these topics have already been covered ... it doesn't seem.

1/ it could be nice for auditor to connect to wikiloops using there facebook login to like the songs.

Auditor likes and wikiloops likes could be separate.

2/ video are better view when they play automatically in Facebook. Could it be possible to integrate the wikiloops player in facebook pages ?

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Hey :)

concerning question 1:
I'm aware those Facebook login / like / comment functionalities exist, and I understand why you feel they might be a convenient thing to have. I have some experience working with the technical aspects of setting up these things, and learned the hard way that one better thinks twice before going down that road.
There are quite a few reasons not to use these tools.
I'll name some in no specific order:
- these widgets slow down the page loading times significantly, leading to less good search engine rankings
- the given "likes" and "comments" would be stored on FB servers, so they'd be disconnected from the origin audio on wikiloops - leading us into a life-long dependency to FB if we don't want to loose the feedback.
Whenever FB changes rules (and they do all the time), we'd be bound to follow... and they come up with quite strange ideas sometimes. When working with them in 2014, they (to give just one example) complained the wikiloops "thumbs up" button would not comply with their rules, since it looked too much like a FB like button. Assumed 50% of our comments belonged to facebook, we would have no choice but to redesign to their likings.
That is not independence, I didn't like the taste of that at all.
- the issue of data privacy is becoming more and more relevant around the globe for good reasons, and using FB widgets would lead to exposing any use of wikiloops to FB.
Even non-FB-wikiloops-users would need to give consent that their moves are being tracked by Facebook (as their widgets are being displayed)... we have a quite aware and critical audience on wikiloops, I believe most won't like that. I wouldn't.

Now, concerning question 2:
Facebook has quit allowing any external service to run in-feed media years ago. They allowed YouTube for obvious reasons, but not even big services like soundcloud managed to get audio players onto your facebook newsfeed as far as I know.
The displayed preview image that shows up on fb when you share a wikiloops song with the play-button indicator to show that there is audio involved is the best we can do in these circumstances.

Hope that does make some sense to you, thanks for thinking along & out loud :)
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Thanks Dick,

i understand your concerns and didn't know about technical Facebook limitations.

Thanks for explanations.
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