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How to upload music on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

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Hello Loopers,

First I want to make You sure, that the thing is not about music from Wikiloops.

I have very good friend who made two albums, recorded and prepared completly by himself. It's completly underground thing but I see that sooo many people today are using only streaming for listening music. We don't think about earn money. I don't think It's possible anyway on spotify or AM. the thing is more about presence.

I know there is not possible to send music directly to them. I found some informations about aggregators. We should to make cooperation with one of them.

My question is:
Do You know good aggregator service? I know there are some of them who can publish music without paying, but we don''t want to share copyrights.
We got little budget for that.
I have also small company with UE tax number.

Do You have aby experience with this? I would be very thankful for aby advice.
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Now I'm trying with bandcamp. It seems to be easier and bandcamp looks more artist-friendly. What do You think?
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Hey Pierre,
I haven't checked the "submission market" lately, so I'd be interested in your experience.
CDBaby seemed quite expensive to me last time I checked their offerings, not sure how bandcamps offers are. I believe having your objective very clear is important.
If all you want is to appear on spotify and you are willing to pay for that without expecting fortunes in return, it should be easy to find a way - but beware, should you have a new idea next year and would like to use these songs in some other context, better make sure having contracted the aggregator (i'd call that a "vendor") will not get in your way in the future...

Let us know how it goes if you like :)
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