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Making Wikiloops chromecast enabled?

Making Wikiloops chromecast enabled?

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I got myself a chromecast dongle in order to get rid of the mess in my living room. Overall it works fine (except for the mandatory router reboot when chromecast wakes up)
It would be very nice to have wikiloops chromecast enabled (or a chromecast enabled androis app).

According to this article:
that shouldn't be a insurmountable task

Yes, it is possible to cast the screen/audio but the quality is quite bad occasionally.
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I agree, it would be very nice to be able to Chromecast a playlist too but i dont know if that's possible.

The mobile application i use is Vicast and is able to cast only one MP3 at a time. Needs a manual validation for each MP3...
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OK, this is one of those totally embarrassing moments, but I need to tell you that I have no clue whatsoever of chromecast.
I've done a little reading this morning and am still left with quite a lot of questions, maybe one of you can enlighten me.

chromecast delivers audio/video to speakers and TVs.
when applied to wikiloops and thinking of TVs, would that include seeing the screen and being able to navigate wikiloops from the TV, or is it just a convenient way to connect external speakers?

If there is no navigation option, then one would need to do the track selection on the mobile device and could enjoy the better sound of the TV, right?

What I didn't really get is wether one would be able to enabe Chromecast once (maybe based on the domain wikiloops.com), or wether one would need to start the cast on each and every track (which I'd find quite annoying).

From what I gahered from Nilton SO post link is that a quite chunky bit of extra code is needed to enable chromecast on a website, and to deliver that without asking the users to enable it first doesn't really seem a good idea to me - no need to slow down page load times todeliver features which are probably not instantly used by a lot of people.

Do you feel it would make sense to limit the option to playlists, albums and the radio?

Once we are talking about smart things, the thought to try to aquire the Alexa skill "play wikiloops radio" has crossed my mind lately, too... on the other hand, such fancy functions have the downside that people have the benefit of listening to our music without ever looking at wikiloops and generating at least some tiny advertising return that way. I'll have to see where wikiloops should jump that train, thanks for sharing your ideas!
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With YouTube app, you do all the interactive things with the Phone or the tablet and it plays the video on the chromecast. And if a playlist is selected, it plays all the videos of the playlist.

Yes the chromecast is a convenient way to watch videos, photos or listen to music.

I don't know of an application like a radio that is chromecast enabled but i have not look for such an application.
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Playing WL radio or playlists on a TV would be a great idea, whether through casting or as an app on these increasingly popular android-based TV boxes, could mean increased exposure. Perhaps, for non-subscribers, insert some adds into the stream a la Spotify to generate some income, or at least advertise WL itself?
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