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Useful & free VST plugins

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I'm following one Guy on facebook, who's making very nice tutorials for mixing on YT.
Many times I tried to find some good VSTs in the network. If You tried to do the same, probably You realized to yourself, how many crap there is.

In this case I'm rally happy to have some very good recomendations from live.act. I'm very happy that I can share with You Loopers too...

Here You can watch video. I'ts in Polish but I think righ part of this video is undestandable.


Maybe other Loopers can share them shots? What if We make nice list of useful and free plugins for the rest of Community?

Catch also list :)

Xfer OTT (multiband compressor) - https://xferrecords.com/freeware/
Voxengo SPAN (frequency analizator) - http://www.voxengo.com/product/span/
Molot (compressor) - https://vladgsound.wordpress.com/plug
Limiter No6 (limiter) - https://vladgsound.wordpress.com/plug
Flux BitterSweet (transient shaper - great for kick) - https://fluxhome.com/project/bittersw
SlickEQ (EQ) - http://www.tokyodawn.net/tdr-vos-slic
TDR Kotelnikov (compressor) - http://www.tokyodawn.net/tdr-kotelnikov/
TDR NOVA (dynamics processor) - http://www.tokyodawn.net/tdr-nova/
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I currently use Slick eq and its great. I would also add (windows)

C3 compressor
Molot limiter
Any voxengo. There is a website you pay 9.oo us and can get all voxengo registration codes.

For Voxengo I love Soniformer

From Cuckos I love RealXcomp.
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You can find a lot of free VST plugins here:

Some of them are brillant. All LePou's amplifiers are excellent:

I like this hammond organ:
with Leslie spinner:

This is my favorite piano VST (the Rhodes piano is fantastic):

For bass you can try Bassprofessor MarkII VST:

A good tuner:

and a good looper (GLoop) from here:
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Look let me help you with these there are may good vst are there for free but personaly this is what i use:recording mixcraft 7
Guitar.soft amp Gt
Cab enhancer DRUMS...MT power drum kit
Mix any good parametric eq and ps vintage warmer all free guitar strait to input on pc (RECOMMEND USING A STOMP BOX )
Asio driverS and thats it if you whant to record quality whit out breaking the pocket check angel of sorrow on my profile it was all done whit vst,but if you have to choose always use your real amp, mics or what ever you have near and experiment sooner or later you will develop your signiture sound and recipies to record and theres alot on thips and videos on youtube as info on google that will definitly help.
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