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Wikiloops stack music player while navigating

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I don't know if this is possible and how much effort it would need but when i'm navigating across wikiloops, i would like to add the mixes i want to listen to a stack of a music player which would be available during my wikiloops navigation ... It would be nice.

To illustrate: when i'm listening to a mix and i click on news feed, the music stops, i must open the link in a new tab to keep the music playing. But on mobile application, i don't know how to keep music playing. If i open two mixes on PC, the two mixes start to play but with a stack music player, it would be simply added to the stack avoiding several mixes playing at the same time.

So the same stack music player on mobile application would be very nice too !

Moreover, We could then for example click on a button to add all news feed new mixes to the stack of the music player and enjoy listening with a minimum of efforts.

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