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Chord Progression : I will be fine

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I created a chord progression arranged by irealpro (a realband application like) but i'm not a guitarist nor a keyboardist and i would like to know what can be done with real instruments. So i put it here in the hope that it will be use with or without modification on wikiloops.

INTRO: [[: G | % | C | Em :]]

A : [[: B7 | Em | G7 | C :]](x4)

B : [[: Em | C | Am | C B7 :]](x2)

C : [[: Dm | % | Db7 | C :]](x2)

A : [[: B7 | Em | G7 | C :]](x4)

B : [[: Em | C | Am | C B7 :]](x2)

C : [[: Dm | % | Db7 | C :]](x2)

A : [[: B7 | Em | G7 | C :]](x3)

OUTRO (D): | B7 | Em | G7 | C B7 | Am B7 | Em |

If you have any question about the chord progression, don't hesitate ! :)

You will find a pdf version attached to this forum post.

Here is an audio version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JwX8Q8esWo0NYebCD0HxIqxUE8AMqDnH/view?usp=sharing

Don't focus on the audio version style.
Feel free to change it and adapt to your needs.


PS: If you create a mix with this chord progression, please put a link to your mix here.
ellouidir attached the following file:
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