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That Girl's Mean

Lyric #1786 by Don_T

Tags: country, rock, southern rock
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Well, she walks in the bar, all the guys start to stare
she shakes it off with the flick of her hair
be careful boys, it's not as it seems
she might be a girl, but damn she's mean


Momma taught her to be a lady, daddy taught her how to fight
with those skin tight jeans, she's looking right

if you talk to her, you best keep it clean
'cause that's one woman who's really mean

she drinks Jack like it is water
and she's a good old farmer's daughter
she's not a powder puff or little squeeze
she'll smack you boys, down to your knees


Just last week, I swear it's true
I saw a man do something, you should never do
walked up to her and said with a smile
"I'm gonna hang with you for a while"
They started dancing and all was fine
until he said "I'm gonna make you mine"
he touched her butt, said "I'm gonna take you to bed"
call 911 there's a guy on the floor
he just got a beer bottle over his head

You go country girl
stand up for who you are baby
yeah, that woman demands some respect
you ought to see her daddy
he's six foot 5 285 pounds of pure steel
whew... that girl's mean
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[wl]83027[/wl] Here is the original track
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[wl]107863[/wl] Here is the sung version
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Thank You: for sharing your lyrics I used them on #153800 also on a No Drum or Bass version #153668 just for you bassist and drummers that would like to jam along :D
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