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Buying/creating vinyl LP of your own songs

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Guys, as some have noticed our Wikiband "the Herring King" (Gemmy, eGil, White Drum, ArkRockstudio and me) have been working on an Album for quite some time now. Now that it is finished and published, I had this idea of getting me a copy pressed in vinyl. I mean the music was supposed to be 70ies style rock, and what is more 70ies than vinyl LP? So I searched a bit on the internet, expecting to find that it would be way too expensive, but I was amazed that although it is not very cheap it is actually sort of affordable as a one-off. I had a quick play with the configurator of the "Drdub.com" website, see also screen shot.

Looking at the Herring King Album, it has just over 55 min, so that would mean 3 sides of 18 min - any other option would mean cutting tracks or having lower quality music (the longer the play the lower the sound quality).

So my question is: Did anybody here ever try something like that? Any remarks?

I suppose this is somewhat crazy, but I think I will ask for this as a birthday present - I think it would be a cool thing to own, it will last for 30 - 40 years and I just don't have the same feeling when holding a CD than with an LP.

Look forward to your thoughs :)
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I'm guessing given the high fashion of vinyl at the moment, it's easy to charge a lot for one-off pressings! As you're going into three sides whether you like it or not, I'd suggest you might as well do four sides. Does the order of the album matter? If not, why not pick your favourites (the 'singles' if you will) and make a 45RPM EP out of those and fit the rest on a 33RPM LP?

As a complete aside, the vinyl resurgence (read: fashion) does make me laugh (not your reason; you want a keepsake which I totally and completely get). You get all these hipsters thinking they're being some kind of audiophile by getting stuff on vinyl seemingly not understanding in the slightest the irony of buying an analogue format of a digitally-recorded album... The warmth they all bang on about came just as much from the tape multi-track and the mixing desk pre-amps, not just the vinyl!

Anyway, I digress.
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