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Crazy Circus (just a wrap)

Crazy Circus (just a wrap)

Lyric #1811 by Davnel99

Tags: Rap, society, politics
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Crazy Circus (just a wrap)

We’re runnin’ like chickens with our heads cut off,
Squealing like piggies round the old food trough,
Stuck on a treadmill and we can’t get off,
It’s a crazy circus

Lost and confused, walkin in a trance,
Common sense needs a second chance,
But time is runnin out gotta change our stance,
Such a crazy circus

Just lookin’ for respect we think we know
But the real truth is you reap what you sow

Under the bigtop we’re up on the stage
Spillin’ and killin’ lost in a rage
Why can’t we just turn the page
Of this crazy circus

Strutin’ our stuff actin’ real cool
Posin’ in the mirror ready for a duel
Now who do you think is the real fool
What a crazy circus

The old ringmaster we’re the main attraction
Always lookin’ for some kind of action
Spinnin’ our wheels losin’ our traction
In this crazy circus

Just lookin’ for respect we act like we know
But the real truth is you reap what you sow

Gomer LePoet... aka Dave Nelson Davnel99
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Thank You for sharing your lyrics. Used them on #148530
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