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City Boy Country Girl

City Boy Country Girl

Lyric #1813 by Davnel99

Tags: Love song
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City Boy Country Girl

sporty fast cars with loud pipes echoing in the night
burning rubber off the line he likes to see the smoke
fancy shirts and designer jeans he likes the city light
rock music in the bars with lots of babes and rum and coke

helping mom and dad get the crops fix the fence of wire
she likes things of the simple life jeans and cotton shirts
does her chores and goes to church sings in the choir
doesn't have a current beau but she sometimes flirts

they met at the Tastee Freeze she was the first in line
he was behind her talking trash to some chick on his cell
he bumped into her like a klutz he had been drinking wine
knocked the sundae from her hand and his Ipod fell

he bent down to try and rescue her tasty little treat
without looking at her to see her pretty startled face
she had stooped down too and soon there eyes would meet
and then the sparks flew fireworks lit up the entire place

he begged her gracious pardon saying he was a clumsy fool
as she reached for her cup he touched her on the arm
she smiled an embarassed look while he acted really cool
wasn't sure exactly why but suddenly he felt so warm

that was the thing that started a really fine romance
she liked his somewhat wild ways but felt he had a heart
he took her out to nice places they would dine and dance
he liked her country ways her kindness from the start

when they finally kissed that first kiss a magic spell was cast
he fell in love so deep and hard there was no turning back
their friendship grew as did their love so very very fast
within three months he proposed that night at the race track

they married on a sunny morn in the month of June
honeymooned in the south seas it was the perfect start
he would get down on his knees every night and sing a tune
how that he loved her so and she had stolen his heart

they had bought a cute bungalow out in the country side
she had a garden he a guitar and was learning country tunes
three years have come and gone a new member to the pride
she would sing and daddy played and baby kept time with spoons

they were not of royalty but they lived a picture book life
he called her his beautiful princess she called him Duke of Earl
no one would have guessed these two to be man and wife
this wildass crazy city boy and this sweet lovely country girl

Gomer LePoet.... aka Dave Nelson Davnel99
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