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RMW (Whitesnake Style) seeks lyrics/vocals

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Well I am still not sure how this all works yet. I wanted to upload this here but then I keep seeing that projects that are started should only be a single instrument? I wrote and produced this probably about 13 years ago. Been looking for a singer all that time. It's not an easy style to sing. I am envisioning David Coverdale style.

The title is just for reference.


NOTE: Yeah I was on the frontpage and getting ready to upload and I saw this note about single instrument. I went to HELP and looked for help on starting a project and wanted to see some clarification about this single instrument rule? If it's not a rule, then I am confused because I keep seeing this.

I didn't actually see how or where to start a new project yet. Probably right in front of me.

I guess when i don't really know this will be my goto forum to post.
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hey keeper,

hope I can clear things up a little :)

the reason new jams on wikiloops are supposed to contain one instrument only is: we want people to collaborate with each other. If this rule wasnt there, people would propably share 99% finished tracks with most instruments already included, just missing a solo or some vocals. Since there is a lot of sites out there where you can show you nearly done tracks, we felt wiki should eb a little diffrent in this.
Second reason is: filtering search engine results by selcted instruments will only work if the instruments declared for a track are the ones you will hear when listening. Since we'd need about a thousand combinations if more than one instrument were allowed (you'd need to offer guitar, guitar with bass, g w drums, g with drums and bass ....as possible options - and so on, it wont end), we decided on the "one instrument added per remix" rule, so it is absolutely clear wich instruments a track contains - thoose present (and declared) in the remixed backing plus ONE easy to declare instrument added by you.

Now, lets talk about ways to break theese rules :)
1st: If you think adding a two instrument track is necessary to get others jammning with you, you may: Start a new jam by uploading a single instrument track, then use the remix function on this track and upload the mixed track as a first remix of (or response to) the one instrument template. So in the end, your two instrument track is upladed, you just need to go step by step to stick to the rules. Some users have shared six instrument-mixes this way (wich is kind of senseless, for then theres no spot left for anyone else then... 5 remixes to one template is the limit, 6 musicians max per jam).
Another approach:
2nd If you dont have the single instruments tracks backed up from your 13 year ago recording, you may also upload that mix track of yours by declaring it to be a sequencer track - this will let people know they have to listen to find out about instruments involved, we use the sequencer declaration as a kind of placeholder for tracks that contain more than one straight declarable instrument. Of course, sequencer tracks wont be listed if somene is browsing for tracks containing certain instruments.

I hope this helped you a little to get a grip on things, if theres any part of the FAQ section you foud to be particularyly confusing, please let me know and I'll see if I can work it out :)


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No it did clear it up (a little). I guess the thing is that not many of my projects are only one track. I usually have at least drums and bass. If they had a description of what is wanted, that should really be easy for search engines. Being so very specific is actually harder than letting the search engine find multiple hits, and then letting people search the hits...

But it is what it is. I'll give it a chance. Most of my tracks have multiple parts already. So I guess I could continue using the forums. Thanks.
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Keeper wrote:
Most of my tracks have multiple parts already. So I guess I could continue using the forums.

Or record and upload some new drum tracks ;)

I could really use a nice slow 12bar shuffle, about 70bpm with 4 turnarounds?

No pressure hehehe

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