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Repertoire for a live jam

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I don't want to be a street musician but sometimes I take my guitar and play outside for the sinking sun in a nice park.

I live in a rural side and normally people don't jam outside. This could be a reason why strangers passing by seem to be shy...

Now I use a VERY little batterie powered amp. It has an AUX-in and I can connect a smartphone or other player to get some drums, bass, piano and strings out of the really good sounding speakers. Then I patch the guitar cable to the amp and the session starts.

It's a good training for repertoire. I mean 3 or 7 or 12 songs you can play and know all the lyrics and arrangements without any help.
Of course repertoire is a choice. And you need backing-files to prepare to jam with. They shouldn't contain my guitar track!

It will be my fun and pleasure to jam with some of you, too. I am still working on my repertoire of songs. :)

But in a public place with a small audience I like to use famous cover songs, too. Let's say the playlist could contain 50% of cover song or even more.

But the main idea is to get a NEW repertoire of own songs! I know how easy it is to close a song project with a final upload and jump to the next project.

Playing outside is an other funny challenge to do on a regular basis. You can't do this with earphones in a closed room in front of a computer.

If you have been a street musician or you have experience to organize little spontan live jams, please share your thoughts.
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Check this out:
One of the world's greatest violinists playing on a 3.5 million dollar violin busking in a subway station, and almost nobody stops to listen. He probably played at a concert hall that night for $10,000.

I'd prefer to have leprosy than play covers for the public.
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I know these stories and it is good to know them.

I've never played a cover in my life to sound like a cover. But I don't mind famous compositions.

What I can tell you if you hear Pewi's flute or Gnoerrby's fantastic harp out of little speakers to jam with your own songs: you get a shiver about the talents of your friends!

On other songs you could easily use pure and poor midi backing as long as you love to play with a bit virtuosity for yourself some unheard private covers for fun.

I am planning a CD "Jams for guitar players in the park near the big lake".

Much work to do!
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Work in progress. An example. A new backing of an older song to play the guitar again. (Testing how to embed a player for the first time)
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