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Like Foolish Lovers

Lyric #1833 by moonchild

Tags: bittersweet, love song, simple, odd meter
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I could sit
sit and gaze at you
Like foolish lovers do
And lose myself in you
With these puppy dog eyes
Telling bittersweet lies
I could sit and gaze at you

I could sing
Sing a tune for you
Like foolish lovers coo
Something so sad and blue
Of my longing
And my fawning over
You, I could sing a tune

But where
Where would I go from there
Could beat around the bush
And all your buttons push
I hate to be this way
So full of old cliches
Trust, I’m no good for you
This much I know is true

I could leave
Leave you high and dry
Like foolish lovers lie
And say the thrill is gone
That’s why I’ll travel on
Pretend I never knew
you, Now I leave you
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Love and blessings to you on your path!
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"Don't eat the Blue mushrooms"
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Thanks for your cool lyrics Moonchild!

Tried them out and see how they would fit to this track!


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Or something like that! :)
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