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Podcast with Richard

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Just listened to a great interview on the Guitar and Music Institute podcast on ITunes. Enjoyed hearing more background to Wikiloops. Check it out:)
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Hey :)
Thank you very much for your feedback on the interview!
It was a bit of a new experience to me, and I'm happy so many wikiloops people seem to approve of the delivery :)

I've been wondering if this type of podcast talk thing should be something to do more often,
I guess it's easier to consume then reading the wikiloops blog, and I could easily think of a few topics that could be covered in such a "talk",
like for instance the copyright infringement case I've been recently dealing with on behalf of a few users.
To blog about that would end in writing another book, but the story is sure worth telling, as are many others.
Another option might be to offer some sort of "hang out" sessions about wikiloops every now and then, where everybody could join the chat and ask a question or something of that kind...
Should there be interest in something like that, feel free to let me know, I'd be up for that.

The podcast can be found by following below link, for all who may have missed it:
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I listened to the podcast and found it very interesting :)
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habe mir gerade das komplette Interview angehört und
finde es wirklich gut was du über Wikiloops sagst...und kann dem
Gesagten völlig zustimmen...
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