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Videos by LOS Jammers!

Videos by LOS Jammers!

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posting up some videos of songs created in the band section
at this point- LOS Jammers is Dadinator and GemmyF, with Fishinmissio, ArkRockStudio, eGil, jussef63, kimbo, Ernie440, Drumshticks, WhiteDrums55 and AmyAllendy

here is one of the first songs
I played a 10 minute impromptu piece on our upright piano, Titus(ArkRockStudio) sampled a part he like and created the composition on this one,
adding all the ambient synth and sounds like rain and thunder.
I played a guitar part and a bass part and then Martin(Dadinator) sang on it

Of course Martin created the super cool video called "All the way to America"
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(GemmyF) Jim Forsythe-Guitars, musical progression, & mix(TEXAS)--
(Dadinator) Martin Fluker - Vocals & Lyrics(AUSTRALIA)--
(FishinMissio) Mark Zinzer - Sax(PACIFIC NORTHWEST, USA)--
Harley Benton TE-52 NA Vintage Series
Harley Benton TE-52 NA Vintage Series
Electric Guitar
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Martin is a star!!!!!
GemmyF-Guitars, Bass, Drums Seq
Fishinmissio- Sax
Coming soon kimbo on lead
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Just discovered this Feature in the Forum.
Very cool videos Jim :) :W
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Major 3rd
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very cool Jim!!!! :D and all involved.....
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Yeah, what Craig said, well done!! :W Jim dandy!!
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Dadinator - Vocals
GemmyF - Music/backing vocals

(so far) GemmyF
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