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Wikiloopsies and Motorcycles

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I saw over the years that we have quite a few bikes here, so let's see your machines and tell us about them. Pictures of the first and last bike would be cool!

I have been motorcycle crazy since I was about 10 years old, all I wanted was to have a motorcycle, long hair, play the guitar and be a rocker (and few years later - get a hot chick was added as priority). Luckily for me I managed to check all the boxes, all other than the guitar rock god - never managed to do that. But the rest... :W yeah baby :D

My first bike was a 500 cc 1942 BSA M20 which I bought in 1986 , and since then I had lots of British bikes such as BSA M20, 21m and BSA A65, Triumph Thunderbird 650, Norton ES2, a 1952 Norton Dominator model 7 and a few others I forgot. Then I started working in a bike shop so from then on it qas Japanese bikes such as Honda Silverwing 650, Suzuki Katana 650, Kawasaki 750, Honda Bol'dor 750, CBR 1000, Honda VFR 400, Yamaha ZXR 660, CB 750 (and a few others that came and went)

And finally I worked for a BMW business for a decade so I mainly rode BMW, and right now I ride a BMW 1200 GS, which could well be the last bike I will own as I am happy with it, and no need to change. So attached is me on my second bike in about 1989, "The Professor" - a BSA 600 cc M21 with a sidecar.
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.... and the current bike, a BMW 1200 GS. Also on the picture is my boy S-Gee on his 50 CC Simpson Schwalbe a few years ago.
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Honda NTV, has to go through inspection this month again...

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Owned 2000-2010

1983 Harley Sporty that I crashed at 60 mph . Rebuilt the front fork with engineered kit from Seeger Cycle.
Custom paint, gas tank, front end, diamond spokes and diamond cut fins on motor. Note the shift pedal/ brake pedal is extended outward toward highway peg area? That is custom and one of a kind I had friends manufacturer. Custom drag pipes.



Owned 2010-2016
1989 Honda Goldwing. Even had a subwoofer in the trunk that I would crank up whenever I pulled up next to a cop car.
Custom Paint.Custom retractable foot pegs. GPS navagation.

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