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Bass rigs for recording and performing

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Hi everyone. I would be really keen to know what you bassists use to record, and what you use in a band setup. I’m using podfarm 2 which I find ok but was wondering whether to us a bass DI. I’m thinking about what to buy if I was gigging. Do you mainly DI or play through an amp or both. Anyone use Eden amps? Let’s get some rig chat going 😀. Andy
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Hi Andy
I tell you about my limited experience as a non-professional amateur, but in love with the sound experience of the bass

Regarding the recording of the bass, here in my showcase you can find in the section of "recording devices" as I record here in WL my bass (there are six basses of different setups). It is a mixture of analog effects and VST effects in the DAW. In each track upload that I find all the technical details, from the type of bass, strings used, where I attack the string in the pickups and the effects used

At my place with my friends I use a MarkBass CMD121P and it's amazing how in such a small space and weight you can have such a strong sound, with this 12-inch speaker amplifier
If I played with the public I would use my MarkBass on stage as a monitor and local sound, and a DI box to connect to the PA system, it is the best combination in my opinion.
In small places it is enough with my MarkBass that I recommend if you have to buy an good amplifier

a greeting
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Hey Andy,

great question; thanks for it.

In my case, I only use my Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 (2nd generation), into which I plug in my Squier VM Precision Fretless. I sometimes use a GxSVT amplifier/cabinet simulation from the Guitarix project http://guitarix.org/ if I want that Ampeg SVT sound which I had when I was younger.

But I also second Mario - that Markbass CMD121P (or the 15" version CMD151P) is definitely on my list. Why? Because in case I had something like it, I could place my microphone before its speaker, and also use its direct out, giving me the best of both worlds and a perfect mix of miked/DI bass. Should be powerful enough for real world jams as well, as you can also get extension cabs for them.

It's not cheap for a combo, but IMHO worth its price. An even cheaper one which would also do the job for the home studio is the 15" Jeff Berlin Players School combo at around 500€ here in Germany. Loud enough against my daughter's digital piano I think... http://www.markbass.it/product-detail/cmd-jb-players-school/

That's what I would/will get. Hope that helps,

and cheers,

P.S.: for bigger jobs, or other types of music, there are bigger rigs of course... ;)
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I both DI thru an EBS Microbass (sometimes a 1974 Ashly SC-40 preamp for really distorted bass ala Geddy lee)and mike thru a little GK practice combo using a Shure SM57. Mixing both the DI and and the Mike. If I feel it needs a little more sizzle like a tube I will clean it up using the Ampeg package in Amplitube4. I usually have minimum two bass tracks and mixed. I used the XLR on the EBS for input to Reaper.

I do not play out anymore but back in the day , I always just used a much sought after Alembic F2-B preamp with a straight , raw 800 Watt Yamaha or Crown PA amplifier thru Ampeg or Kustom cabs (Depending on venue-2 4x10s and a 18). Raw pure power, baby!Used to feel like I punched you in the chest if you stood anywhere 15 ft of me.

If you can find one of these (They go quickly and are much sought after) , it has a sound like no other when paired with a raw PA power amp like a 1000 watt Crown . They are considered a treasure in any Bassists live rig. [img]https://s14-eu5.startpage.com/cgi-bin/serveimage?url=http%3A%2F%2Fplanetbass.com%2Fwp-content%2Fgallery%2Falembic_f2b_preamp%2Falembic_f2b.jpg&sp=3eee9447c68b27476705e0e5b57fe3d6[/img]

If you can find the F2-Bs sister amp The FX-1 even better. These old school preamps still rock the socks off anything out there.


Here is an Ashly SC40 from 1974 with a slight diode modification:

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Thanks guys! Yeah, I really like the look and sound of the Mark bass gear as I think they would cover a range of tones and look very giggable. Was also looking at the portaflex but I think these would sound more vintage less modern? The SVTs seem to have a bit of growl and I think I like my bass clean and punchy. Still just trying to find my tone as I’ve converted from guitar to bass, I guess experimentation that is part of the fun. There’s always so much great bass tone on here, and bucket loads of talent. Thanks for taking time out to respond :W
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You're welcome Andy! And please consider to listen to Mario's 1500th upload from this evening: #138368


I just love his tone in there, and as he wrote already, he always describes what he used in the infos of the songs. Very helpful IMHO.

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Thanks. I’ve just checked it out and it’s great, the bass sounds amazing. I'm going to record some tech in iCal info with my tracks from now on. It’s really useful and will give me a reference point for what works.


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Another point, since you've mentioned the "growl" sound of old tube amplifiers like the Ampeg SVT:

Sometimes you'll want and need just that, and it's hard to emulate. And since the old Ampeg B-15 are hard to find by now in good condition, and if you can afford to spend a bit on just a recording rig, this one comes to mind:


The tester writes in German there, so Google Translate might help. In his opinion this smaller 20W version sounds more like the old B-15 than its brother with 50 Watts.

I'm not keen on lugging around an Ampeg SVT anymore - the top alone was 37kg, and each one of the 8x10 "fridges" was about 70kg or so. But having said that, a nice tube amplifier - I tried my Squier Fretless on a 200W Sadovsky before buying the bass - definitely has something for it.

On the more modern site of it, IMO MarkBass is close. But others like MesaBoogie or Eden or EBS also make nice amps. Best if you try yourself.

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