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Here to Tinkeround

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Hey everyone, another drummer has arrived. Hopefully I can give you something you can use. I'm looking forward to being part of the process of creating some really cool music.

I've been playing the drums for about 9 years now and love doing it. I never knew how much influence drums had over a song until I started playing. To my ears, the passion of a song flows out of the drums and it is really cool to have control over that.

Don't expect anything too impressive from me. I can't hold a candle to Dafunkydrummer or some of the other guys on here but I'll do my best.


By the way, just for a little background in me. I'm a East Coast, USA guy. Married with 3 kids. 44 years old (can't believe that, still feel 20 something), pay the bills by working as a mechanical engineer, play music in a worship band at church, and create music with a bunch of talented people on www.wikiloops.com
Layin' down the beats like a novice
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welcome Tinkeround, nice intro :)

I hear you with the age thing - I'm hitting the big four-zero myself this year but can't really believe it. I see guys at work in their 40s and they're so damn OLD :D

Looking forward to jamming with your beats man!
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