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Looking for Guitarist(Deathcore/Metalcore)

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I'm looking for a new guitarist to work with. I've worked with a bunch of guitarist. I'm just looking for one that can actual play on time & play well. I'm sick of trying to mix bad guitars. If you're into Chelsea Grin, Emmure, Whitechapel, The Devil Wears Prada, Ect. & can record at proper levels, let me know. I can play drums, went to Berklee for music production & I'm trying to finish my EP. I haven't ever uploaded here. I just thought this would be a good place to look. I just want something djent but also extremely heavy without sounding like 80's thrash metal. Any help is appreciated.
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I'm currently working on an EP with two original songs & four covers.
The covers are:
2.Emmure-Nemisis(Instamental Done)
3.Oceans Ate Alaska- Hashna(Instamental Done)
4.Woe, is Me-On Veiled Men [&] Delinquents

I will upload a cover(or atleast a link) once I finish one more. I have a couple instraments already recorded for my EP; I just want to record another two guitar tracks with a new guitarist before I decide on originals.
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Man, you should totally knock something out and post it here on the 'loops. I would love to hear it and give it a rip, y'know, while you're waiting for the thing you're waiting for... You could search for drums, or use something you have. Could be fun!

Hope to hear from you! BB
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horizoneye wrote:
I will upload a cover(or atleast a link) once I finish one more.

Please do not upload any covers to wikiloops, but feel free to post a link if you got them hosted somewhere else :)

I guess Buzz' advice is the best way to get in touch with people on the loops - show them what you got, attract some interest by remixing some guitar players stuff, then move on to convincing people to work on your EP :)
Good luck with the project!
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I have a couple things uploaded
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